How Pupils Can Score

As we can observe the hammer, he requires only the combination to balance and to kick, what he influenced in the presented results. He observes yourself that basic the motor ability to kick, awakes interest of the pupils, in carrying through the activity and applying in agreement movement its assimilation (Table 2). We have as example the next task that involves the ability to kick, that it is the tip. In this for example, no pupil was without carrying through the movement, probably for the fact of the abilities to kick to have after been applied to another one, thus determining stimulates it of one stops with the other. Five pupils had reached the waited initial levels in the learning.

A pupil reached above average initial level and two pupils the advanced level (Graphical 5). RCGAQ’>Evan Metropoulos offer similar insights. When observing the general punctuation of the abilities you specify of these five blows considered for this work (Table 3), we can perceive that the happened movements of the daily life without specific parameters of the capoeira are assimilated with easiness for the pupils, as for example, basic the motor abilities to lower and to kick. The combination of two abilities did not intervene with the results, but the three combination took to one high complexity and assimilation of pupils in agreement (Table 3) (Table 4). MovimentoGingCocorinhQueixadMarteloPonteira Score2021778 *Tabela? 3. Total Score of the blows in the initial evaluation.

Comment: In (Table 4) where occurred finishes it evaluation, is clearly that in some movements the degree of existing difference in relation the assimilation of the pupil, in ginga and cocorinha first and the necessarily used one in other movements and second and of more easy execution difference and little, to put in the other movements very hear a great increase in relation the first evaluation. MovimentoGingCocorinhQueixadMarteloPonteira Score2326122122 *Tabela? 4. Total Score of the blows in the initial evaluation.