In Russia

A Negative image of the firm is entrenched in people’s minds throughout the country. The reason for the negative attitude towards the company Herbalite and its products became extremely aggressive and illegal way to promote products on the market. Partners of the company very aggressively offered production and business, and do it anywhere, whether it be public transport, store or market, in places catering or work in the elevator or in the bath. To all this production presented as a miracle cure for all Diseases and illnesses that exist in the world. After all of this negative public opinion has spread to all other companies have appeared subsequently. Significant role in shaping public views and had a lot of bubbles, which in large numbers began in the early 90-ies in our country.

The reason for this was some similarity between the structures, but unlike pyramid schemes, where there is recruitment of people, that contribute to the financial pyramid piles of money, and where they sell “air”, people in network business get the money for the specific sale of specific goods and income is a multi-level depends on many factors. But, Unfortunately, the simple man in the street did not delve into such details. Speaking about the lack of information necessary to mention the fact that if the worldwide network of business long ago all well known, and millions are not only an additional earnings, but also build a big business. Moreover in all the major universities are taught fundamentals of network business. In Russia, this activity was in totally prepared environment, people do not understand the strategy and philosophy is so multi-faceted and multi-level businesses. Yes, and how to understand such a structurally complex business when the usual, then just “know” the people of our country. All this has become a strong factor influencing work of companies that have emerged in recent Godi. Companies such as Amway came to the Russian market with diverse products (Amway products includes hundreds of names) allow hundreds of thousands of our citizens have additional earnings, and many are on track Amway business creates a really big business.