Internet Parts

Invented many ways to download large files from the Internet. You can of course download movies from rapidshary parts, but it's not always convenient for several reasons. It is much easier to use P2P (peer that feast) networks, but here again, there are options. Particularly popular long ago won the protocol torrent. Advanced user, download and giving out gigabytes of data in such networks can not read this article. According to Liberty Mutual, who has experience with these questions. It is for those who does not yet know what a torrent, but wants this learn.

Network Protocol torrent, or rather it was created-BitTorrent programmer Bram Cohen in 2001. The basic principle of this protocol is that the files are passed to the parts, and every torrent-client, or getting these zakachivaya parts, while simultaneously giving or swap them for other clients. In the smart user manuals written that it 'reduces the burden and dependence on each client's source and provides data redundancy. " I will not into the technical details, it is still not clear there is nothing, except to say that as a result of the speed of downloading the file, downloaded through torrent is in direct proportion to the number of people Leechers this file. But thus, unlike other P2P-networks, it does not fall, and vice versa – is increasing. This means that you do not have to queue for several days in E-Mule, or wait, when the network will be a person with the desired part nedokachannye file. To download a torrent, you must install on your computer one of the special programs, go to a special site, or the so-called torrent tracker, and add to the list of downloads link to the file you want.