One can think is hardly a much more romantic scenario. In the middle of the dunes is located so many cosy cottage. Hen beach makes it possible to live directly in this breathtaking countryside with outstanding views. Multi-faceted nature and activities in the open air a holiday at hen Beach has to offer yet more natural beauty. The village is surrounded also by an attractive and pleasant scented heathland and a large wooded area. Overall invites this diverse landscape with dunes, forest, beach and Heath to long walks, hikes or bicycle tours.

Bicycles can be hired if necessary on the spot. But those who rent a cosy holiday house with hen beach can bring even his own bike, because parking is available in the practical apartments enough. Everywhere there are well laid bicycle and hiking trails so you have many ways to blow up the fresh sea air around the ears. Who brings his dog in the House, which can also enjoy dog Woods. An extra is in the adjacent forest Area, where it is allowed to freely run the dogs without a leash. Is in the village described initially already hen everything is taken care not a place that is known for great hustle and bustle beach. Nevertheless, one must be not concerned that there really is nothing. The charming coastal village has everything you need for daily life.

There is a manageable but quite attractive running street in the town centre. There are shops where you can buy shoes, clothes or a nice souvenir. Also has a supermarket and various bakery shops are present, so you can buy all food items, which are needed. Regardless, you can get there also a delicious hot dog or a nice ice cream for the little ones. And who has the evening pleasure on a cold beer and some live music, can visit pub Irish. Should it even rains left ends, then one can consider the swimming pool on the campsite, or just a few pleasant hours in the beautiful with the children to visit Beach relax cottage at hen.