Knockout Drops: Effect And Dangers Of Knockout Drops

Knockout drops and liquid ecstasy: the effect of knockout drops puts in a short time and lasts usually a few hours depending on the substance and dosage. What are knockout drops? There are drugs, the Gamma-hydroxy butyric acid, and these are often used by the criminals. The knockout drops completely turn off the people, he is powerless and unable to act. There are also substances which are used by doctors for an anaesthetic. The victim is distracted for crimes the future victim remembers nothing most of the time. The criminals divert the selected person and mix the K. O.-drops in the juice or mineral water.

The K. O.-drops have absolutely no smell, they have also not color. So the victim cannot know at all that it takes just drugs to. Helplessness of the person concerned when that happens, can’t control their actions this person, she is completely helpless and blends the foreign will. Learn more on the subject from Farallon Capital Management. Such victims can remember anything. For the criminals is the K.

O.-drop one particularly important you can After a few hours in the organism of man find no evidence. Women as victims, women are often with the K. O.-face drops. They become victims. It happens a woman, that you can remember nothing and in the strange place is at once, so she should be as soon as possible check-up. The time then plays a major role. Ever few hours have passed, you have more chances to secure the tracks. K. O.-drop a great danger the K. O.-drops are very dangerous. You will get most of the time on the black market, and you don’t know exactly what that everything is mixed in. Since there are strong-acting substances, a wrong dose is even lethal. The criminals can put together not a safe dosage every person is different. There is weak, but also more people who then also varies on the K.