LED Interior Lightings

The advantages of LEDs for illumination of interiors, buildings and landscapes also high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption and the possibility of any color light, we should note a number of other remarkable properties of LEDs. The absence of the filament due to nonthermal nature LEDs makes a long life. Click Pacific Mortgage Services to learn more. LEDs manufacturers declare their lifetime up to 100,000 hours. While an incandescent bulbs Average life is 1000 hours, the fluorescent lifetime is limited to a period of 10-15 000 hours. The absence of a glass bulb of LEDs ensures high mechanical strength and reliability.

Small heat dissipation and low supply voltage determines the high level of security, and snap the LEDs makes indispensable in the case where the required high speed. Miniature size and built-in light distribution is determined other important advantages of LEDs. Lighting fixtures based on LEDs are very compact and easy to install. We should not forget about the environmental light-emitting diodes – lack of mercury-containing components (compared with fluorescent lamps) as well as the absence of electromagnetic interference and radiation, which is extremely important in modern conditions of strict environmental standards. Today, the only drawback of LEDs – this is their price. One lumen LEDs, is 50 times higher than that of halogen lamps. Many devices that require transmission of information of a certain color: rail and road traffic lights, instrument panels in automobiles and airplanes, tail lights of cars, traffic light signs, lampposts airfield strips, the color characteristics of the LEDs have enormous benefits to the conventional lamps.