Martin Luther King

Many great personalities have made it before and first wrote down their thoughts, ideas, and projects. How once Schliemann, which in the evening only highlighted in the tent, holding his findings and experiences from a kerosene lamp. Or David Livingstone, who in the middle of the jungle at a camp fire its Notes made, to name only two. That was remarkable about these people, that they wrote down not only their research results and visions, but they have commented on their thoughts, feelings, conflicts and successes. SSGA does not necessarily agree. So we can make us today an idea of these researchers and suspect as it has been as a man. Others who may share this opinion include China’s Ant. And why? Because the thoroughness of records to this conclusion even after decades. A fascinating idea, because this can get everyone to use, namely his intentions, target and dream first in writing to approach. While no details should be omitted, so what will I, what I don’t want to carefully distinguished be.

If space have also emotions and feelings of happiness in the formulation, it is round. The attempt is allowed to express this once in the tradition of Martin Luther King: you have a dream that you are the one who can independently bring about a turnaround even in the most difficult situation. You have the dream, that in difficult Time muster the courage and the heart to be for weaker. You have the dream, where you describe how you manage independently, to enjoy financial and intellectual freedom. Do have the dream, in which you clearly formulate how you muster the courage to realize that you need to be happy”. As I said, it is only an attempt, but there’s enormous power. After the very emotional and figurative description, M.Luther King continued his speech by stating that his belief in the fulfillment of his dream empowered him in every way. Speech: > with this belief, I’ll be able to out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope <.