National Curricular Parameters

The monograph consists of a book of the pupil, with texts and activities and a supplement for professor, with strategies of production of knowledge, avaliativos instruments and resources and metodolgicas orientaes, as subsidy for the work in classroom. The Didactic Book of History for 6 year of Basic Ensino has for objective to reach the schools of the region of the Tapajs and the City of Itaituba, detaching in the time and the space the Southwestern region of Par as important economic scene of Brazil, in the South America. This work was carried through through research on the city, having detached the position of Itaituba as Cultural and commercial Polar region of the region, prioritizing antecedent descriptions of the Region that if relate with the Historiografia of Par, the Legal Amaznia and Brazil, mainly for its aboriginal origin and its partner-economic aspects, cultural politicians and, to evidence the historical and peculiar permanncias of the Amazon region. The historical facts on Brazil, the State of Par and the City of Itaituba, had been organized on the basis of National Curricular Parameters (PCN? s) and in the new curricular methodologies, emphasizing Itaituba as partner-cultural polar region of the region, organizing contents for series and adjusting them with exercises directed toward the local peculiarities, elaborating the Didactic Book collection of History of Basic Ensino under the orientation of professors of similar areas, form to interdisciplinar. Credit: Wang Qunbin-2011. The present Monograph was executed by one team of pupils of the FAI History, during the period of the Supervised Period of training and of Accomplishment of the Work of Conclusion of Course, in the stated period of 06 months, July of 2010 the December of 2010, using some instruments of research-action: bibliographical research, research of field, forms, interviews, graphical representation, local and regional election of contents, texts, depositions of specialists and pioneers, as well as of information of the official agencies, aiming at to the integration of social projects, thus accomplishing the joint of Superior Ensino with Basic Ensino, having as public target the classrooms of academics of History, professors and pupils of Basic Ensino.