Northern Lower Saxony

About boredom, nobody can complain it with security. Because the revised training the professionals on the 21-acre practice facility access deep into the bag of tricks. “Whether at the centrifugal force measurement in the circular orbit, while distance keeping the exercise Hare and hedgehog” or when braking in the wet, not lacking smoothness or suddenly emerging obstacles – action and challenges. “But that’s not all: we want to make the new car-training for young drivers at a different level to real life as possible”, says beer. So the radio boxes are turned on the skill course and the cars as in the midst of the exercise to the party zone.

To the distraction more plastic to demonstrate such stimuli, the training participants must solve a math problem while they try to master the course with loud music. These are situations that are not uncommon and we want awareness of their possible consequences. The math can be, for example a talkative passenger in real life”explains the Managing Director of the FSZ Hansa / Luneburg. How dangerous drinking and driving is simulate the trainer in the ADAC Fahrsicherheitszentrum Hansa/Luneburg with the glasses of alcohol. “Who once felt got the limited visual field under the influence of alcohol at the test site, who knows: so rather not”, says Bernd beer. And him on the word, believed that every novice with all waters is washed after such an ordeal.

The young driver training costs 139,-for ADAC members and 149,-for non-members. There are the dates and the possibility of online booking on the Internet at The offer is aimed at Novice drivers from Northern Lower Saxony, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Because the safe driving Centre in Luneburg is responsible with this program on behalf of the ADAC Hansa for the entire North.