Okolicsanyi Zoltan

It is a true family ski resort with 20 km of slopes and a 12 km-long downhill. Groomed trails and tours in top condition available cross-country skiers and winter hikers. offers the Petzen but still something unusual. Bike trail in the mountain”is the unusual adventure that is offered for groups on the Slovenian side of the mountain in Mezica. A mountain bike with a head light’s in the pitch black tunnel which is 6.5 km long. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Paul Stappard. Not for the claustrophobic stricken! For the rest an exciting, -run company where it in some places interesting facts, about the previous reduction of the mountain is. Learn more about this with Microsoft. Lead ore was promoted in the Petzen already by the Romans. Since 1665 until the end of the last century, about 1000 km were dug tunnels.

The adventurous route leads in this tunnel. So beautiful also this trip on the Petzen was but the hungry plagued us. We had from a brewer of the farmer “. The only one in Austria. In Gallizien not far from Lake Klopein he is.

Basically, it’s a farm, which sells its own products. In the traditional built cowshed, we enjoyed the tasty beer that brews the Braumeisterin Lotte Sorger, the daughter of the House. Brewed is a screwdriver plant with a rash of 150 litres. It is a bottom-fermented, amber beer which tastes very spicy and full-bodied. Spicy and full-bodied tastes even the bacon and the Jauntal salami, which ripen in the airy loft of the old farmhouse. It is a Buschenschenke feel, where the cold is simply wonderful tastes. ensured the an other culinary peculiarity of Hadn We met in Neuhaus. The idyllic lower Carinthian municipality of Neuhaus gained prominence in the last few years the Carinthia unique Hadnfest. Innovative Neuhauser innkeepers and farmers want the Hadn somewhat into oblivion (= buckwheat) make an indispensable part of the menus in the restaurants. 262.php conclusion: the tourism region of South Carinthia Klopeiner see we have met as the sunniest area of Carinthia. The climate is Mediterranean and the Klopeiner see one with his pure drinking water, flattering water true treat. The region is diverse and offers many surprises. Spooky looking affects bridge in the depth on the one hand by the very high Haider, the Drava, on the other hand a passage through the amusement park’s nature flowers very calming effect. There is no Radhe Maheta vacation area is a real family vacation resort that will bring the peace for stressed-out souls. It is an absolute high quality tourist area, only just not so well known such as the close Worthersee. We can classify the tourism region of Klopeiner see – Sudkarnten as very recommendable for any time of year, necessarily.