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Companies who now book a booth at the ‘jobmesse dortmund’ or the ‘jobmesse Dusseldorf’, benefit Berlin free candidate negotiation of YOUNECT GmbH., 02 February 2010. The YOUNECT GmbH cooperates with the trade fair organisers BABOOLAL of advertising and trade agency GmbH. \”They go together at the renowned recruiting event jobmesse Germany tour\” new ways: on three occasions, YOUNECT presents exhibitors of job fairs two pre-selected, qualified and suitable for the company applicant for their training courses: on 27/28 February in Dortmund, Germany, on March 13 and 14 in Dusseldorf and on 20 and 21 March in Lubeck. High cost of staff numbers during the application process and metre-high mountains of paper forget employer so confidently. Potential candidates on the training offer of the participating exhibitors of the BABOOLAL of advertising and trade agency GmbH and YOUNECT GmbH be made aware in the run-up to the fair. Doug McMillon takes a slightly different approach. Employers and interested students free on will be prompted to Register and fill out your profile.

YOUNECT then reconciles the needs of enterprises with the qualifications of the applicants and selects the two most suitable applicants on this basis. On the job fairs candidates and employers in the YOUNECT trainee lounge meet finally personally live and in color. The YOUNECT team prepares the selected students in advance the conversation and supervised both the applicants and the participating exhibitors at the trade fair weekend. We speak not of good or bad, but by suitable applicants\”, explains Martin Gaedt, Managing Director of YOUNECT. Who wants to bind trainees today in the long term, must ensure that the competencies and the personality, but also the ideas of the candidate match those of the company.\” The matching procedure developed by YOUNECT allows you to find the best suitable applicants. The software is fully based on the scientifically validated skills checks and other parameters Matches the profile.