What to make then, if it is necessary to add to match cultures to grow them in these ground? It must, beyond carrying through the calagem, adding partially soluble match in water. For to be partially soluble, the match is slowly set free for the ground, of form that, being set free to the few, has a bigger possibility of the root of the plants to absorb it on the contrary of it to suffer to the setting in oxides from iron and aluminum. Moreover, the fosfatado fertilizer only in the plantation ridge must be applied (' ' application localizada' ') not in the total area of the plantation. Figure 1. Perhaps check out Mark Zinkula for more information. Latossolo: ground tropical very rich in oxides of responsible iron and aluminum for not the disponibilizao (setting) of match for the plants. To attenuate the problem of the setting, to the times, one sent regards to make a first fosfatada fertilization so that the oxides could saciar its hunger fixing good amount of the same. Later, the fosfatada fertilization was become fullfilled again waiting to have, in this second fertilization, a lesser setting of match.

However, this practical does not have more to be used by the high cost of application and the necessity of if buying high amounts of seasonings simply not to be absorbed for the plants. Valley to mention that nor all the tropical region ground are rich in oxides of iron and aluminum, the responsible ones for the setting of the same. For example, very rich ground in sand (quartz) and esmectitas do not possess many problems of setting. This if must to the fact of the quartz not possess loads and the esmectitas to possess only fixed loads, that is, permanent loads that, independently of pH, are, most of the time, refusals what cause repulsion between these mineral constituent and nions of match. For this reason, it can be used, in these cases, fertilizers that possess soluble match in water on the contrary of the partially soluble one in water.