Simplifies The Search For Free Parking

New mobile service for stress-stricken motorists in major cities Munich, 06.01.2010 – offers for the first time a mobile solution, to locate soon freed up parking. In the context of an Internet community, members report free parking Web platform. Then, the portal informs users looking for parking by SMS or push-E-mail. The registry, finding a parking space and message is free of charge. A fee is charged for SMS and email notifications. The parking lot search in cities means great stress at any time of day. Who ever to the business appointment late Hamburg or Munich, had to move appointments or missed a theatre visit, in cities such as Berlin, wants a mobile pilot, unerringly pointing him to soon released parking sooner or later.

Stressed drivers can breathe: free parking by SMS or E-Mail what navigation systems so far can not, creates parking finder. The mobile Service is a simple and ingenious solution to find parking and to find. The Web portal is based on the idea of community: only who actively reports on parking, get results for their own requests. After a single sign-on on, users can register free parking by SMS or E-Mail or place searches for certain combinations of local time. Has the portal located a suitable parking place, the seeker receives a push-E-mail or SMS to your mobile phone.

In the future there will be BlackBerry and Windows Mobile applications of his own iPhone. The use of the portal is free of charge. For notifications of 0.49 euros per E-Mail and 0.99 Euros charge per SMS. The credits can be loaded online. A bonus program rewards anyone who frequently reports on parking. The parking Portal saves time, money and nerves saves time, relieves the environment and saves money: the fuel for pointless parking search costs. Also decreases the risk of fines for desperate Park sinners who park their car in the red zone. The own emergency with the stressful finding a parking space provided the idea for the business model”, explains Managing Director Anton C. Fink. Especially in large cities, it is almost impossible to locate a vacant parking lot. is the simple solution to an everyday problem, brings together buyers and sellers and is even fun.” Your contact for further information: Contact: Anton C. Fink Lohengrin Strasse 23 81925 Munchen phone: (089) 99229197 fax: (089) 99229197 E-Mail: Web: