Personal Goals

Personal goals be for a beginner requires some guidelines that we need to know before joining a training plan that enables to achieve the physical desired a girl; first of all prepare a table of training that best suits the objectives and according to what accompanies the physical and medical test mode to efficiently establish the design of exercises that will be part of the path to success. Before the girls should be in that machinery available in the gym and according to personal goals began to adapt the training depending on muscle mass, strength, and resistance to weights because the idea is to make the practitioner of bodybuilding or fitness strive a little more each day to catch a good congestion and make an efficient work; A beginner should work all muscle groups each day to ensure a harmonious development of the body causing an energy deficit that will help to lose all that grasilla that has accumulated. Choosing exercises for then check charge to be used; Finally know number of repetitions will be performed. The tables for the girls who begin to train are usually designed to develop the efficiency of the heart, circulatory system and the lungs. Brian Cornell: the source for more info. After a few weeks, when the muscle groups are complementary and work synergistically with each other without duplicating the effort in each one of them could begin to modify training discriminating for example if it would work with bars or cufflinks or will be standing or sitting, exercises with feet together or separated, or glued heels or not to soil, or combine various movements for each developed routine. The intensity of the exercise depends on the load and the number of repetitions; It is always desirable to begin with low weight to develop properly established exercises which are also comfortable movements. After a small break will begin to make series with a little more load and only up to 10 repetitions going very carefully when loading the weights; We remember this because although the motivation starts to move the woman who want to be more with Warrior beauty tricks before irons, must take into account that the body still not could be prepared. To advance it should be increasing repetitions rather than raise the load then is could follow with 10 repetitions again, then 12, reaching 15 repetitions until well mastered weight; and if this happens and the practitioner begins to adapt to a particular rhythm is preferable to raise the load with moderation. At low load exercises and many repetitions develop muscular endurance; but also improves cardiovascular performance with this type of training for what when time passes also will increase the heart rate to keep it longer than 20 minutes.Exercises with more load or very heavy weight with few repetitions develop strength and power.