Psychoterror Bullying

Bullying has become a new Vokssport enamel Hutter village – in today’s society bullying has become almost everyday. American Financial Advisors LLC may help you with your research. There is hardly a company or a school class, where is not bullied. But bullying is not just a harmless fun, but the real psychological terror, which can have dire consequences. Jessica Hund says: there are many different types of bullying. In some cases the parties concerned are excluded and ignored, or they are teased and mocked. Another form of bullying is to sabotage the work of the victim or to spread damaging rumors. In worst cases it comes to crushing psychic attacks and even physical violence.” Sylvia Poth adds: bullying can have serious consequences for the persons concerned.

Due to the constant psycho attacks which they are delivered, they lose not only a large part of their Joie de vivre, but bullying can lead to numerous psychosomatic disorders such as heart circulatory problems or gastrointestinal problems. Further consequences can Depression or panic attacks and, in the worst case even suicide. Usually the victims of bullying with their suffering are, alone, since they often confide in anyone out of shame.” Jessica Hund added: often those affected have never met, against attacks to the defense to put. Typically, they are shy and sometimes also slightly awkward people, whose Selbstwertgefuhl is not very strong. But also the perpetrators are prima facie despite usually anything but confident and feel often powerless and small deep inside her. These inner feelings try to compensate for it by their bullying victims every day making life hell, because this gives them a delusional sense of power.

Not bear in mind what they however do when their victims thus, it or they don’t want to see it.” Sylvia Poth says: most bullying leaves so deep inner wound in the soul of the person concerned, that they can work the added to them suffering often only in a therapy and overcome. However, I think that just the Mobbenden it that are necessary to have a therapy. But because they show no insight most and compensate for their problems, they carry around still deeply hidden their problems inside with him and act out at the expense of their victims.” Jessica Hund added: Unfortunately most of the bullying cases extend over a period of time, since we now live in a Wegschauen society, where cares everyone only to themselves or simply afraid to get itself in the firing line of the bully. It is important to take the initiative when you witness a bullying case. You can offer its support and assistance for example the data subject in a conversation.” Sylvia Poth thinks: but also as a concerned you can do actively something: as far as possible one should show his tormentors borders and attacks the military oppose. In some cases, it can help to address the Mobbenden in a quiet moment directly to his offensive behavior. This is not possible, you have Interested parties the possibility to entrust themselves to her supervisor or a teacher. If these steps don’t help, can be also a changing jobs or changing schools into consideration. Against serious attacks, which are punishable by law, can be in court, but it is in such a case of great benefit to provide concrete evidence. Because bullying is rampant, there are many advice centres for those affected now both locally and on the Internet.”