Restful Sleep In Sultry Nights

Rested and with much energy to enjoy the summer finally summer: for most, that means bathing lakes, beer garden and barbecue. Markets Economy is likely to agree. A variety of activities attracts Sun-seekers in the open and even the balmy evenings are still used for social activities. Regular cooling is now essential, since so much the warm weather also revives, so very high temperatures strain the human organism. A restful sleep is now particularly important to replenish energy reserves and gather new strength. Sleep humans need five to ten hours depending on the type of sleep every night. Through the long days and the lower distribution of fatigue hormone melatonin decreases this stint in the summer by about an hour. All the more important that the body can completely relax at this time and finds strength and energy for the next day. Only 10% of Germans suffer from sleep disorders.

It is not to be achieved, it is important to ensure an ideal sleeping environment: silence, darkness, light Ceilings, plenty of oxygen and of course the right temperature are crucial for a successful night’s sleep. Air conditioners such as DAIKIN Emura help to keep the temperature constant and to feed fresh air. 18 C are ideal for a good night’s sleep and ensure undisturbed a60 each sleep phase up to 90 minutes, which are repeated three to five times and integrate into REM-Phasen (rapid eye movement) and non-REM periods. To the latter belongs also the deep sleep, which is essential for the recovery of the body and time decreases towards the end of the night. If this phase is disturbed, you feel the next morning how whacked and is tired throughout the day. Exactly opposite it behaves with the REM dream phase, also called. During this stage, the brain processes the events of the day and saves new learned information. This phase increases in length towards morning, the body becomes slowly more active and wakes up more easily.