Ribbed Tumblers

Manufactured such products are usually made of jade and carnelian, they can be used as a traditional Stone-therapy in a heated or cooled. Small sleek handheld massagers are particularly well suited for facial massage – a simple heated with hot water mineral smooths fine lines, puffiness and removes dark circles under the eyes, improves blood circulation, reduces redness and irritation. Ribbed Tumblers good for the skin of the body – legs, arms, back and abdomen. They relieve stress, tension pulls out the tired legs, tone the skin, eliminate minor defects, have a relaxation effect – after a little massage person feels fresh and rested. Effective massager with osteochondrosis and radiculitis. Help they in case of sore throat, ears, sinuses – only they should be pre-warmed. Massage cushion – it's numerous stone plaque, mounted on a fabric basis. Massage cushion – is a passive form of massage, they are great to help relieve tension in tired muscles, relieve pain in his back and legs, "pull" toxins and harmful substances, are useful in osteochondrosis When you're lying on a pillow, then rounded or flat pieces of stone come into contact with the body heat from your warm, and there is a direct exchange of energies – in this case you can safely watch tv, read a book or sleep. As a rule, massage cushions used jade or Jadeite – such gems among other things contribute to weight loss, relieve swelling, prevent the development of hemorrhoids, stabilize cardiovascular activity, treat kidney disease.