Russian Federation

Due to the great need of modernization of the country imports evolved parallel stronger from $ 60.410 billion in 2007 to $ 83.81 billion in 2008. The total volume of trade is the world in the upper pane. Many writers such as Marco Capital Holdings Limited offer more in-depth analysis. The current gross domestic product is US$ 180 billion and the annual growth rate to the stitch year 2009 at 2.1 percentage points. However, the growth rate for 2004 to 2007 were far better, so these were 2004 even over ten percent,”Evgeni Malakhov explained. “He sums up in this context: the economic potential of Ukraine is enormous.” Not only the population is well educated, significant resources, but also its strategic location as a hinge between Russia, Europe, and Asia valuable. The Knower of matter is also refers to current efforts of Ukraine to tap into future markets such as rapeseed cultivation and the production of biodiesel or to make the houses more energy efficient. I’m sure “, says Evgeni Malakhov, that the Ukraine will return to the path of growth again in 2010.” According to the volume of trade opportunities now for German companies to increase their exports through the now almost 12%. We help the German company of Easygost like”the expert explains, because we know very well the regulatory rules of the Ukraine for the import of foreign products.” This same principle the provisions of the Russian Federation, may differ in the details, however.

The counterpart to the GOST-R is the UkrSEPRO. Also can product registrations and certificates such as the UkrSEPRO certificate, Gosgorpromnadzor certification (operation license), negative certification, hygiene certificate, fire protection certificate be required. Unlike the Russian Federation is the modus operandi of the accredited examination institutes. Mostly performed the necessary investigations on the spot in the company. Most experts in the operation must come. Applying for requires so in-depth management knowledge concerning the national decrees and legislation. Due to our many years of experience, our skills and our network of partners, we have all necessary knowledge to guide the company in the Ukraine”, as Evgeni Malakhov by Easygost. For Evgeni Malakhov by the consulting firm Easygost, this negative assessment of Ukraine is a sweeping statement which hides the economic capabilities of the country.