Sanskrit Experience

Their experience of the person determines the conditions of his future incarnations and is the experience – a pledge that he would translate it again. Body person associated (generated) body of the Earth and others like it is constructed, it lives in a harmonious relationship with the flora and fauna. The level of implementation (physical body) is determined by a person able to comprehend and implement in the physical world a spiritual experience. The experience of spiritual lessons each is manifested in the form of collective experience (Earth) and even hidden on there will be private – it's given (the law). Manifested in the physical world always leaves a trace. From past to future is a lot of ways, but the material and spiritual is always linked, subordinate to the spiritual principle. The law of reincarnation (reincarnation) – cyclic. For more clarity and thought, follow up with man group and gain more knowledge.. Mystery (Perth?) 5.

The man has an impact on society and society shapes people. Developing spiritual person accumulates life force that allows the soul to evolve and implement a higher level (worlds). Spirituality person is directed to the higher (divine), that allows a person to do. The material world is created for the development of the spiritual in man and helps him in this. Harmony in the spiritual and material life of man on the experience of his past life, and, by law, unity, experience of this life will determine the level of harmony in the next incarnation.

Without spiritual development will be the development of the material world (about humanity in general) The decrease of interest in the material – a pledge of spiritual growth. The experience of past life has, exhibits and improving life in the present, and the experience of their ancestors a person has, and displays will show in future incarnations. Understanding of the laws of existence the world (worlds), and his place in it – the basis of development and well being of man and mankind. In no way do not claim to absolute truth, I want to see that Glagolitic in the transfer of images is much more informative than the Cyrillic alphabet, and, moreover, it reflects the worldview of the ancient Slavs. For the analysis we used graphic designs on this site a rune Although we known as "Nordic" product, most runes drevnenskandinavskih coincide with the Old Church, both in the form of the mark, and on the semantic value of the two Sanskrit is considered the ancestor of all languages, pertaining to Indo-Aryan group. 3Pod "spiritual" here and hereinafter should be understood as non-material side of life: thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, spiritual experience, etc. 4Pod "material" here and hereinafter accept material side of life: the physical body, material goods, etc. 5 again doubt that the "Pert" originally existed in the Glagolitic