For example, hrhome.ru. Ie in a single place to post a job, and she duplicated at all sites. Convenient. Saves a lot of time. Recruitment agencies are not all expensive, but are, as at least, a good translator of information on the outside. Both positive and negative. Loyal spacecraft will undoubtedly create a positive image of the company for job seekers.

In addition, you will save time browsing uninteresting candidates. Perhaps check out Liberty Mutual for more information. Will receive, so to speak sample J with universities need to cooperate. Not only in terms of attracting young and valuable human resources (although this is important), but also in terms of raising awareness of the company. Young professionals, of course, require large financial and material costs. However, it is often easier to teach than to retrain.

In addition, in rare professions – it is the only possible way to find specialist. Speaking of universities, can also be kept in mind, and various specialized agencies of the narrow focus (technical colleges) and refresher courses or retraining. And finally, hunting. Most complicated and most interesting tool to attract professionals. Certainly requires some skill and training. The only incident that could be candidates for luring away – it's personal features rights. Not always a good track record means that this is the specialist can work comfortably within your company. Therefore, I recommend to spend at least one informal meeting prior to the formation of the offer, in order to determine how "your" candidates. However, despite the fact that we can properly use all sources of personnel, vacancies may still not be closed.