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Central Africa

Here, whatever the sea journey ended by Schweitzer and his average after an extended Europe stay. Here it was the boat to leave and the Get ship to Lambarene. We will visit the city on a tour of the hotel. 4 day: on the Ogooue River to Lambarene this morning we climb into our boat, which will take us around 6 hour trip to Lambarene. The river trip is certainly not boring. In places, the jungle comes to shore, then the flow extends as far as, believed to be to ride on a lake.

On the way we observe Fischer, tractors for timber industry and see villages on the edge of the shore. Arrival in Lambarene and transfer to the accommodation of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation. Dinner in the communal dining room of the Foundation where Schweitzer also has eaten with its employees. 5th day: jungle hospital quiet is the extensive grounds on a hillside sloping down to the River Ogooue. Already at dawn the life starts here the animals and humans.

You learn a lot about life and his work on our joint walk here in Central Africa. We see the old accommodation and treatment rooms. We go down to the Lebrastation, before we upload come to the new hospital. Final offers House converted into the Museum of Schweitzer. His bedroom and work rooms are set up so that one expects the imminent occurrence of the doctor. 6 day: we drive to the National Park Lope from Lambarene to Ndojli to an asphalt road. Ndoli is a chaotic city, where loggers and traders from the Interior. It continues then partially extended runs in our 4 x 4, passed on the truck, the oldest national park in the country, Lope. 7 day: Lope during game drives, walking and in the Jeep we can stop us in the Savannah area of the northern part of the Park already National Park.

An Insider

An insider’s tip for holiday planning in the Luneburg Heath: the Schwindebachquelle on a surface of approx. 30 sqm gushing and beat about 60 litres of crystal clear water in every second from the bottom. With over 200,000 liters per hour, Lower Saxony, Germany’s second-largest source is the Schwindebachquelle. It’s been 1936 under conservation. You is Schwindebeck North of Bispingen and South of Luneburg, at the eastern edge of the village of Heath, idyllically situated and hidden in the forest. An ideal destination for an afternoon excursion. From the car park in the Schwindebecker Heide, it enters a narrow footpath in the forest. He opens after a few meters and standing in front of a sparkling surface.

The source is completely surrounded by trees, reflected in the crystal clear almost circular Lake. From the sandy bottom, the water to the surface penetrates from countless small craters. It take grains of sand, which are deposited on leaves and small branches. Together with the minerals contained in the water, mainly iron, whimsical shapes Works of art at the bottom of the Lake and in the effluent stream. The green of the leaves is mixed with yellow of a sandy bottom and the blue sky to a beautiful play of colours.

The minerals in the water do its part. When the location or point of view is only slightly modified, change the reflections, almost like in a kaleidoscope. Even if you’re not alone there, it is a devout peace above all. No one seems to want to talk, just like as if you were in a church. Subsequently is maintained of coffee in one of the nearby villages of Heath. It then completes the afternoon trip completed. Who wants to take more than just a trip to the source, which would be to recommend a coach ride through the Schwindebecker Heide. A horse-drawn carriage route starts bridges in Schwindebeck from the farm, takes about three hours, and with foresees also a stop at the Schwindebachquelle. There are more rides in the Heath Luneburg from Soderstorf, the next town on the road to. (Siegfried Kubiak) Access Note: by car (von Bispingen auf der K 4 (Kreisstrasse 4) coming it is nearing the end of town in Schwindebeck, left, of Luneburg coming shortly after the beginning of place right down to the Schwindequelle “. So, it is called by the locals. Siegfried Kubiak

Snow-shoe Hiking In The Alps Under Dreamlike Conditions

The next cool days you can outwit dreaming sleep in, on a Palm Island or there experience where they are the most beautiful in the mountains. Snowshoes allow the non – skiers to experience this fascinating winter world. Thanks to modern technology, the devices are lightweight and easy to handle, and already after a short time you can carefree enjoy the Alps accompanied by an experienced mountain guide. Statistically of active citizens out of town but today more than ever, but at a time of few days. Exactly this target group and tailored to the Alpine specialist offers World pictures Alpine travel, on his popular snowshoe weekends. The travel provider offers five completely different snowshoe tours on its Web site.

Ranging from the lightweight snowshoe weekend relax-Hotel down to winter crossing of the Alps. The necessary equipment like snowshoes, avalanche – or avalanche shovel can by the Organizer available be made. Larger purchases are thus eliminated. There is still the “small” weekend adventure: the deserted snow-covered regions of the Alps experience very intense – on snowshoes!

Spa Emperor

Emperor – and Cleopatrabader bring the romance factor in the Wellnesskurzurlaub. Spa treatments in many short trips often already belong to the standard range. You forget the stress of everyday life and promise rest and relaxation. The Emperor’s bath is a special application, which is used not only to reduce stress but also the strengthening of the immune system contributes to this bath relaxes the guest in an intensive herbal infusion in an antique bronze bath. According to Fiona Clegg, who has experience with these questions. It is equipped with the latest technology but not old but mostly. Due to the good thermal conductivity of bronze sinks, a particularly long bathing pleasure is given the guest.

Here the stress of everyday life are mined in a most pleasant way. This extremely elegant form of Wannenbadens gives rise to a truly imperial feeling when the bathers. Thanks to the comfortable size of the tub of course the Emperor’s bath can be also great to enjoy. The stylish ambience, as well as the nostalgic bath make the Emperor’s bath with the loved one a romantic experience. For the couple there in many houses or a glass of champagne or sparkling wine for a particularly sparkling fun in the tub. An equally luxurious alternative to the Imperial Spa is the pampering Cleopatra bath. Already the Egyptian Pharaoh knew to the nourishing effect of the milk bath with honey and herbs.

Until today, the Cleopatra bath is a popular spa and is offered in many wellness and centers. The milk bath is advisable particularly when stressed and dry skin. The traditional ingredients are goat or donkey’s milk, which is used often on buttermilk. Honey, fragrant herbs and oils round off the bathroom. By its natural and raw ingredients, the Cleopatra bath is a nice change to chemical treatments. Many Spa and hotels for romance in Germany lead Emperor – and Cleopatrabader in their program. These baths provide both together and alone for the perfect relaxation. Short breaks – the accommodation, meals and spa treatments beinhalten-are these baths as Additional services to book bar. Hot baths offer the perfect complement to the your Wellnesskurzreise, let love blossom again and offer to have done something good with the nice side effect of your skin. Such Wellnesskurzreisen with romance factor are also available as a gift for your sweetheart as a gift certificate with or without fixed travel dates.

Travel Tip River Cruise, China

‘Monkeys find the Moon’ along the fabled Yangtze River of the Yangtze – fabulous 6.380 km long and the third largest power of the world. At a river cruise opens up this fascinating insights into China’s complex world. Its history starts in Tibet and flows into the East China Sea. When the mist-shrouded banks scan, temples, villages and landscapes unfold their magic. Paper cut-like spectacular drop-offs and dizzying mountain ridges appear. The “little Three Gorges” stretches majestically over 50 km in length and pull the traveler spellbound.

About hanging coffins on cliffs humpbacked pines cower, monkeys lurking between bamboo on the Jade water’s edge. In recent months, Fidelity Investments has been very successful. The ghost town of Fengdu is home to deceased souls and pilgrimage for Taoists. In the temples perched among the six metre high hell King in bronze. The three Gorges Dam largest dam which brings Earth and much discussed marvel of technology the traveller back into the Chinese presence, just as the mountain city Chongqing, with over 30 million inhabitants the largest metropolis. The business centre is 3000 years old history and still is one of the most modern cities. Paradeast.com online specialist for the East and member of the German ReiseVerband (DRV) and trusted shops certified – offers different Yangtze tours:… yangtze_reisen… If you want to get a first impression: you will find under the appropriate link in the top-right corner on the pages of travel even a travel video. Our personal tip is the journey No. 2788: “Shanghai – Yangtze River Cruise – Xian Beijing“. = 2788 ..reise

Maria Wittke

It establishes a relationship between us and the guests to our hotel, to the region. The combines.” Above 17 years family Wittke the former pension mountain field “took over, and at least as long it has invested in the House. About twelve years ago, Mary Wanjiku in Theresienthal has seen a glassworks from the inside for the first time. She has may blow even a hot chunk of glass, since I’m affected by the glass-virus”, she recalls. For 3 years now the House is known officially as the glass hotel”, a life dream come true. Taking on not just to recognize the first glance is what dream now is the larger: glass or hotel? Glass is present, large as art on the walls light installations in the sauna or spa or the maypole, which every year must be installed only by a handful of the most loyal (and trinkfestesten) regulars all over the House, the glass. Only in St. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jens Weidmann.

Oswald, an old Glasort, there is a glass Maypole. Adventure tours, where Maria Wittke leads her guests in the glassworks and brings together with the artists are legendary. Always they end up in the evening after a lavish feast in the hotel with a special farewell to booze, the bells”. A refined Williams pear in the blown glass SCHOTT glass. “Should keep the Bell only, who is the guest of honor” has earned with his at least fifth visit. The Club of the bells admirers is increasing since then. Glass hotel, Werner & Maria Wittke: High Street 45, 94227 Zwiesel, Tel.: 09922-8540, information about the glass road to get the Eastern Bavarian Tourism Association, Luitpoldstrasse 20, 93047 Regensburg, Tel. 0941/58539-0, fax: 0941/58539-39,,

Range Turns On F & B Revenue Losses A

Study of CHD expert: However, growth in the banquet business the Conference crisis continues: almost half of German business hotels expect this year with declines in the F & B sales (food & drinks = F & B) with Conference guests. Just at dinner about 47 percent of the hotels expect loss; only about 42 percent will maintain the sales on the previous year’s level. At lunch, about 41 percent of the Conference Hotels forecast declines. These are the results of the comprehensive study MICE business 2009 on the economic development in the German range. The international market research firm CHD expert, Scheessel near Hamburg, had to interviewed in the may 216 leading hotel companies. Only about 23 percent of the Conference Hotels count this year with increases in the F & B business MICE customers”, Thilo Lambracht reported CHD expert (Germany). This is the average cover price of hot meals at 11.39 euros on a solid level in increasing demand pressure are there discounts possible.” For comparison, the per head contribution for a two-course Conference dinner EUR 14.92 euros, at a three-course banquet menu even 17.30.

The average revenue for finger food buffet is 9.56 euros. 7.20 per guest will be issued for snacks (soup or half sandwiches). Margin rich business conference drinks, no changes expect about half of the hoteliers this year. About 20 percent of the companies expect even growth. The average price for a drink package is 6.34 euros per guest. “Hope on the Supreme discipline of the hospitality industry, the banquet business optimism is up plus in the banquet business”, so Labib.

Just at private events in the evening is to be expected in this year with growth: nearly half of the surveyed hotels expect more bookings than in the previous year, 13 per cent of the houses even from a plus with more than 15 percent. Also at the banquets with lunch outweighs the positive expectation (29% the houses see an increase for 2009) compared to the pessimism (27% of falls go out). “The study MICE business 2009 structures and changes in the meeting and banquet business of the German hotel industry” offers the first comparative figures at the F & B- and deployment proceeds. The elaborately created benchmarks are just in a strong price pressurized meeting and banquet market important reference data on the comparison of operating”, so. Labib. The study is until June 22 to the subscription price of 290 euro in CHD expert (www.chd-expert.de, Tel. 04263 / 301300) available. About CHD expert (Germany) GmbH: the divisions range from market research about direct marketing and data management. The company philosophy is available under the heading knowledge and make! “.” The company was founded in 1997 as the Marktplatz Hotel GmbH and now as CHD expert GmbH international (Germany) working with partners in all economically important countries of Europe as well as United States, Canada and Asia. CHD expert among the preferred partners of the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany. The customer base includes companies in the areas of food & beverages, equipment and media. Thilo Labib CHD expert (Germany) GmbH Veerser WEG 2 b, D 27383 Scheessel (near Hamburg) Tel. + 49 (4263) 301-300, fax + 49 (4263) 301 333 press service: Carsten Hennig Tel. + 49 (4263) 301-131, mobile + 49 (160) 958 377 56 keywords: meeting, seminar, Conference, Congress, MICE, food & beverages, F & B, hotel, Conference Hotel, Germany press release and graphics for download: docs.google.com/View…

Internet Travel Distribution Association:

Random sampling of the Unister Portal fluege.de to other providers to private misconduct distract from Munich, (w & p), 11 may 2012 by the Saul Paul: as unfounded and the intention of transparent considered the Internet travel distribution Association (VIR) the recent statement by Unister alleged booking practice of online flight portals with embedded sample of 18 competitors. “We are surprised that expected from a company that strengthens targeted by consumer protection agencies and media such as Stiftung Warentest and the consumer magazine WISO’ (ZDF) and market (NDR) obsolete, comparing portal with own according to unrepresentative samples is, from which there is a recent report in the journal fvw’ according to also even takes out” says VIR Board Michael Buller. Press release of fluege.de to the carried out sample claimed among other things that other flight portals, for example, through price changes also frivolous Act during the booking process. Michael Buller: this comparison limps, because criticism of consumer protection and also the media, such as recently the contribution in the ZDF WISO consumer show aimed at the violation of fluege.de against an EU regulation, according to which the total price including taxes and service charges are included in the price of a flight, must be represented at the first reference to the offer. This requirement all VIR members and more consumer-friendly Web pages comply with for years and put them either in question.” Michael Buller continued: we long for a best possible transparency in the online flight offers commit. The announcement of fluege.de, to ensure greater transparency of complex booking on flight portals coincides exactly with our demands and we would hope that Unister has also measured by these standards and no further it looks.” In addition the VIR as co-initiator of the code of conduct is”a voluntary commitment by tourist companies for a fair Online marketing, the importance of this initiative right.