Taxes And The Provinces

This act fulfilled the purpose of making those that were affected by this tax happier, whether the charges remain in force are incorporated into the distribution of this Act; d) The national taxes and proceeds of which will affect the investments, services, works and promoting activities, which are declared of national interest by agreement between the nation and provinces. Appropriation Act shall be made by the National Congress of the Provincial Legislatures membership and will have limited duration. (Source: Liberty Mutual Insurance). Fulfilled the purpose of making these tax affected, whether the charges remain in force shall be incorporated into this law distribution Consider also members of the distributed mass, the proceeds of taxes, existing or future, imposed upon the transfer or fuel consumption, including that introduced by Act No. 17 597, to the extent that its revenues exceed the established Fuels Fund established under that law. (Inflate Notes: – For art. 1 of Decree No. 559/92, 20.04.1992, states that the pool of funds to distribute to express this Article shall be the result of deducting from the total collection, the amount of the costs directly or indirectly linked to their perception. Duration: from 1 April 1992.

– He provides that the proceeds of Tax on interest paid and the Cost of Debt Entrepreneur Finance and Tax on Minimum Presumptive Income will be distributed as provided in this Act). SECTION 3 – The total amount raised by the charges referred to in this Act shall be distributed as follows: a) Forty-two with thirty-four cents per cent (42.34%) automatically to the Nation; b) Fifty-four of sixty-six percent (54.66%) automatically attached to all provinces, c) Two percent (2%) to automatically retrieve the relative level of the following provinces : Buenos Aires Chubut 0.1433% 1.5701% 0.1433% Santa Cruz Neuquen 0.1433% d) One percent (1%) Contributions to the Fund of National Treasury to the provinces.