Thailand Travel

Not only in the winter, Thailand has much to offer since more than 20 years of German special tour operator CHENTHAYTRAVEL brings guests “the land of smiles” far away from the usual and closer in a family atmosphere. In addition to sale program for singles, couples, families and groups and clubs, the Thailand program for seniors was established now with the start of the new season, which is characterised by travelling at its very best and specifically on the Group of persons over 50 years is. With separate, friendly and specially trained drivers and tour guides, who read every holiday wish from the eyes of the guests, the CHENTHAYTRAVEL travel friends explore the wonderful eastern Kingdom without time pressure, and mostly away from the usual tourist crowds. If anyone now Thailand really would like to get to know, there his long stay, or a Skat tournament plans with friends to “conquer” Bangkok under expert guidance, or succumb to example the culinary delights: CHENTHAYTRAVEL has right offer in the program and so well acquainted with on the spot, that mostly even on the most unusual wishes can be entered into. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mission impossible . Because the CHENTHAYTRAVEL team with family ties on the ground are very familiar, you there not tour whose been biking in unmanageably large group through the land, and to treat also every guest not profitable customers as a travel friend, an exceptional holiday experience is guaranteed. It is for example common, not from one place to another to rush, but it is incorporated into individual if possible always to the special wishes of the travel friends. Are done with the most trips daily (from Germany) from 2 persons.

But also beautiful small group tours, which otherwise has no other organiser in the program, can be booked through CHENTHAYTRAVEL. usually even with English-speaking tour guide from/to Germany. The more than 15 programs for the elderly, which have a duration of 9 to 90 days, can be found on the Internet at in the Area of Thailand travel under “Specials for seniors”. -The Gummersbacher tour operators also see 02261 – 6 44 87 shows granted telephone information you once when CHENTHAYTRAVEL over, before you plan your next trip. One forward there, to be in contact with you and this is not only so so said.