The Accomplishment

The determination of the necessities of the professors as one of the estruturantes categories of the formative programs it must take in account the fact of, in determined times, the necessity not to show in reason of the unfamiliarity that the proper professors possess regarding the nature of new requirements of the professional work. (NEZ, 2010, P. 5). Therefore, the reflection of the practical one becomes necessary guided by theoretical perspectives that they make possible to question proper the practical one and to give to origin the new necessities for the perfectioning of the professional work. The accomplishment of one research that in provides elements to them for an analysis of the real necessities, the real behavior and the desired behavior, and the analysis of this difference of behavior has an important paper in the curricular renewal in the direction of one better formation of the professors. Thus, the present study it is implied with the possibility to analyze the formative necessities of the professors of a confessional school in order to guide the formative processes to contribute for one better preparation of the professors in servio.METODOLOGIA OF the INVESTIGAOPara to get the success in the research the metodolgicas questions are indispensable, therefore they facilitate the inquiry process. In other words they had indicated the route to be followed during the study.

The research has beginning when something awakes our desire to see, to know, to inquire itself, to unmask and to investigate definitive subjects. Generally, it is an investigation on the things of our daily one, that it is to our return. Retaking the words of Serrano (2011), we believe that the methodology is a process that starts with the identification of the problem and finishes when the final report it work is following a series of defined sequenciados steps and perfectly in its boardings and development. To demonstrate its relevance it affirms Fox (1981 apud SERRANO 2011), that the quality of the inquiry cannot be lesser of what the used methods to collect and to analyze given. .