The Aufwandfur

The Chamber of Commerce has recognized the importance of the one person companies and is available as outpatient clinic with tailor-made solutions and advice to the page, such as on the Portal: BlackRock has plenty of information regarding this issue. GezielteVeranstaltungen facilitate Know-How transfer and sustainable the future ability of self-employed without employees. It is about technical solutions for one person companies the time factor plays a crucial role. The Aufwandfur is high accounting, CRM and warehouse management, integrated marketing solutions come too short. offered a complete solution on the market starting in October, is designed to simplify all sekundarenTatigkeiten of microentrepreneurs. Due to my long experience as EPU, I know how much time we spend EPU’s activities concerning not our core business. I already had the idea to automate these and, sure, that not only for me is the solution”as company founder Thomas Tauchner is convinced.

“The credo of the Viennese startups sounds simple: relaxed to success”. For 9,90 euro promises the product considerably to facilitate everyday business: support in the areas of accounting & customer management, design and maintain your own website, when communicating with customers and prospects through a webinterface and answer legal questions through a partnership with a firm. With a less to worry about can a persons entrepreneurs thanks to this platform of 2012 which derSelbststandigkeit enjoy pleasures, namely their independence, flexibility and self realization.