The Germans

A healthy mind in a healthy body. The ancient Greeks already knew that. Successful people have generally common, that they are consciously to Take care of body, mind and soul. Regularly take time out of the business, in which you go completely different things after. Therefore, other areas of the brain are activated and the other used areas can have a rest in the literal sense. Because not only your body needs to rest, even your brain this time required to maintain the performance. See Pat Gelsinger for more details and insights. Make decisions quickly and task-oriented.

A big misunderstanding of many people is to believe that only “good” decisions to accelerate the route to the destination. But how do you know what is a good choice if you have experience any positive and negative? In learning research it is a recognized fact that error at least exactly so “effective” speed up the route to the destination through decisions, no matter how they affect – reference experiences are built up and is visible only in this context, which decision was good or bad. Decide quickly – not thoughtlessly but quickly. Never admit failure as an option. In a question-answer forum Maersk was the first to reply. Never! Failure is not an option, but only as an intermediate result. Many successful webmasters and marketers have a fundamentally different relationship with the word “fail”. Failure is nothing final, nothing fundamental. Rather missing relevant information, knowledge and experiences.

But all three aspects are learned or to acquire with the time you. A man fails as a result of the own currently existing context in relation to the objective – no more and no less. Think and act constructively, no matter what others say or think. The Germans are abroad often as the land of “critic and whiner” verschriehen. If we but look at us, we need what the society lives high level business makes and what great webmasters, marketers, vendors and economists every year produces Germany, nothing to hide. We are good! And so are you! And if you want to become even better, learn and read the topics that are important to you on the way to your big Objectives.