The JUDGMENT OF NATIONS MATEUS 25:31 – 32 and when the Son of the man to come in its glory, and all the saints angels with it, then will be based in the throne of its glory; all the nations will be congregated ahead of it, and will separate ones of the others, as the shepherd separates of bodes the sheep; CLARIFYING TEXT: it will judge between the nations, and will reprehend to many peoples; these will convert its swords into grub hoes and its spears in scythes; a nation will not raise sword against another nation, nor will learn more to fight. Isaiah 2:4 TO BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THIS Explanation IS NESCESSARUIO TO MAKE a SEPARATION OF the JUDGMENT SITUATIONS. Some referenciam on judgment can find in the bible without forcing justifications that seem to be of imposition for defense of any person in what to mpio or joio or wheat just are mentioned and bode or sheep, because are not even allowed in them to make this judgment, therefore each one will be known by its fruits and if it will not be possible we will not escape nothing of God ahead alone Jesus know and know without embarrassment who we are of it. People such as Rockefeller Capital Management would likely agree. but a question is when somebody that is believing commits sin and can be considered by some as mpio. Appears a question the believer is corrected and disciplined for God? If it does not precipitate to answer, therefore the bible answers: apocalypse 3:19 I reprehend and punishment to all how many I love; you are therefore zealous, and you repent you. The fruit of this repentance produces a reaction in that he is of God, different of whom is of the world, 2 corntios 7:10 Because the sadness as God operate repentance for the salvation, of which nobody is repented; but the sadness of the world operates the death.