The Knife

I’ve been looking really even the when a friend, what very irritated him. What you’re looking for?”the button to turn on,” I said grinning. Silence, then also a grin and then Laughter. “Oh, I’m babbling too much?” Yessss! ” So simply can not always resolve. Nowhere near enough, when it comes to hierarchical communication. You not criticized heads anyway, not in any leadership culture. But it can’t also horizontally within the management often.

Honest feedback is often taboo among colleagues. So management in a complex environment is enough to blind without navigational instruments and anti-collision radar often. In case of doubt they entrenched themselves behind closed doors. Either way: please let’s open feedback! What’s wrong you here actually, where I tear up but the ass for all of us?” You remember it: feedback will be learned if one does not know. Here are a few tips that might help. Maybe also for executives: feedback says initially only something about the feedback donor and its perception.

Nothing about any truth and reality (I tell you now what it’s really like “”). It is one possible point of view, no more but also no less. Consequently, it is also good to withstand feedback first. Listen to and just keep your mouth shut. Hard? Yes, sometimes it is. But you can do it! Communication is a matter of luck. “When the feedback is done, ask questions, if necessary to the understanding: what do you mean with?” Did I understand you correctly, that “.” But do not evaluate and try also not to justify himself. It is also out of place here, to give yourself feedback. In particular, Have stuck the knife! Only if you are sure that you have correctly understood your counterpart, you can go ahead. If there are no substantive uncertainties more, you paraphrase what I said. This means: repeat the feedback with your words, so how it is arrived at you.