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Still, the body needs sufficient fluid. 1.5 to 2 litres a day are recommended by experts. Desserts are still harmful, especially when they contain fat. The negative effects of alcohol was often overestimated in the past. A glass of red wine in larger intervals (no more frequently than daily) or a beer can achieve quite positive effects.

It remains valid that the excessive consumption, as well as each individual drunken stupor has a negative impact on life expectancy. One and the same amount will affect significantly more negative this if she consumed one evening a glass for a long series of days compared to daily. Physical exercise for most people is that at least two to three times a week an exercise does the body good. Who wants to be more active, like it still better results. It highly depends on the individual circumstances of the person. Other values are for younger, older or sick people. At a certain level, a physician should be considered instead. Too much sport is also not recommended, because it can be also harmful.

A healthy amount of physical exercise has usually a decisive influence on body weight. Too much obesity is seen as another key factor with regard to life expectancy. Diet and exercise are the main factors that decide how much it weighs. Over one-third of Germans currently has ubergewicht(36%)! While it looks significantly worse in men with more than 40% in women (below 30%). Can be a clue to their own ideal weight through the calculation of personal BMI (body mass index) determine. As a general rule to keep in mind that the sporting activity should be done unilaterally. A person has usually 650 different muscles, all of which want to be trained. Some of this is already happening, without that you must enter a gym. Laughter, food or frown takes as many muscles throughout.