The Muse

You’re that friend shadow that accompanies me. The Muse of ideas, poems and songs, is indisputably the engine that makes birth letters, the feel, the applause, smiles and comments are especially firewood that quiet allows the snapping of the pleasure that seems asleep and yet always lives in one. Thanks to all those who left their traces, it shared its time both to read me like to be. Happy new year to all. Rockets are heard, the year is coming to its end, a cry of joy other hungry for love.

Missing a little over one hour, the new is coming, but I don’t want to let it go without telling others that I am grateful for your gift of love and peace, which you’ve been a star and me always will it be, not only by how brillas, as you love me, as I know more, you’ve been the miracle that is here to stay. Form us expectations that sometimes are impossible, we intend to make the people which way or and not hit. The feeling of a passion is like a zoom sea, whose tides makes a huge waves, then comes the calm and so one can measure its true strength and therefore the danger or not he lived. Let us not make the mistake of believing, it is better to be safe, know. Samuel Akinin I learned from small that not in all the differences one can be vehement, to learn, to live, to understand at times, let the other person remove their feelings.

Shut up, me has shown many of times that It makes the scene see less painful. Silence is as a space of peace, which requires the other person. If I read it is that you’ve also been favoured with the permission to meet a new year. Indisputably as the holidays approach, allows us to be optimistic with regard to what to come. Come rest and entered into the reality of a new dawn, must tread on firm and understand the wishes are requirements, most never orders, dreams, are just that, dreams and if welcome, are given, but also. Frozen cold by the absence of a wanting, ‘ remain waiting for what might happen. And a wind that passes beside me, whispers words that felt, that man looks and do not see. Until a tear of women makes you understand things that break your doubts, the mirror that needs to see, that just really is love, when there are who need to want to.Samuel Akinin original Autor and source of the article.