The Nicotine

Although tormented off, but unfortunately without the desired success two-thirds of smokers have tried according to DAK at least, to give up smoking. 28 percent have three or more unsuccessful attempts behind them. The extreme tenacity of tobacco addiction, the smoking often even after years of abstinence will relapse is to blame for this. Smoking acts such as sex or food the treacherous on smoking is the double dependency. Smoking makes physically and psychologically dependent. The symptoms of addiction not rarely already set after just a few cigarettes. Nicotine, a powerful neurotoxin is responsible for this. Nicotine is one of the fastest addictive substances at all.

Already after a single cigarette physical dependence can arise. Only once depending on, it is extremely difficult to get rid of the cigarette again. The need for the missing nicotine in the body as the sole reason for relapses in smoking cessation to lead, but much too short attack. The physical dependence on nicotine is overcome after a few days. Much more sustainable is the psychological dependency. The nicotine promotes the distribution of same substances that the body usually essential for people releases necessary activities such as eating, drinking or sex in the reward system of the brain.

Who ate properly or had good sex, has simplified represented something for his well-being and the continued existence of its kind done. It rewarded the brain with the distribution of a cocktail of substances that make happy and satisfied. The perceived satisfaction of smoking is amplified by the very sensitive for people oral stimulation. Even babies learn that sucking on the mother’s breast or the bottle is full and satisfied. Later these positive feelings in the sucking on the dump set again. The fatal because: life dangerous smoking is rewarded similarly positive by the brain as essential food. After a good meal stick cozy yet a nicotine patch” Nicotine gum or nicotine patches may assist in smoking cessation, because they help to provide the body with the missing dose of nicotine.