The Past

and what predictable, so similar to a variable variable, can also generally be influenced! Not your incompatible and unpleasant supervisor or colleague is responsible for your failure, also no lack of customers, not their home Bank, which makes your life hell and certainly not your private and personal environment. Alone yourself, are what precludes solely your happiness, your success, and your recognition, or Their own previous thoughts conflicts permanently facing you and your happiness in life! For a better understanding: it is not about you personally to write a review but again (supply) judge or you your previous position of perceived born loser and flopper front to keep has posted pretty much every bug in the past has offered him or has picked up almost any irrational illusion in the hope of self-discovery. My intensive consultation aims rather, first an exact, objective and valueless overview with regard to your previous and current life to give you to steer your views of previous, unnoticed by you, extremely blocking thoughts conflicts and even created deficits, to correct this from the ground up with you to determine your actual chances and possibilities, and finally to realize and to lead to the success. You alone determine whether you still long to (… and so far unfortunately unsuccessful!) Looking for freedom, success, happiness and self determination issued or already in brief the recognition and appreciation of your life you will find, so long you unsuccessfully Chase. Whether you think you can, or you can’t: you’re right anyway! * “basic causes and guarantors for future and permanent failures and another failure, as well as the own success, meaning, motivation and lack of prospects, as well as recurring felt and actual failure, are structural conflicts of thoughts, negative assumptions, contradictory beliefs and often year long experienced thinking, constant confirmation of the own failure, fed by an ongoing review of past failures, often supposedly missed opportunities and permanent doubt, and persistent questioning.