The Regular

The gas price comparison on the Internet a breeze. 2. collective choice gas tariffs consist of a GRU ndpreis and a gas price (consumption). The price of gas is calculated from cents per kilowatt hour. Results in the following rule: singles with low gas consumption or even couples who use gas only for cooking, with a low base price and unlike? r something Ho? Eddie gas price best advise. Consumers who store much gas? need and also with gas heat, should a ho? higher basic amount wa? choose and unlike? r prefer a lower gas price.

3. the future? future gas price consumers should in its U? considering to change the gas provider also mo? daily price increases and price guarantees involve. Dear low price guarantee fu? r 12 months as fu? r 6 months. Some providers are also dafu? r known that according to the phase of the price guarantee is a hearty Preiserho? hung follows. If not for the regular? getting gas switching are ready, predictable Preiserho? efforts are necessarily involved in your decision. Gas suppliers compare to or take advantage of our free advice hotline 0800-8374869 4. The term long terms make the customers kind? ber Preiserho? efforts fu? r gas powerless.

Consumer should prefer always short contract periods. For example, a monthly Ku is perfect? ndigungsfrist. If you want to change the gas provider after less than 12 months, mu? must keep in mind that you as a result the Wechselpra? mie is lost. 5. the Zahlungsmodalita? ten some gas companies differ very much in the mo? benefit of payment. And not every payment is fu? r the ideal gas customers. Safe and fair fu? r consumers are monthly gas payments. A two-month billing or a quarterly gas Bill are also acceptable. Strongly question consider all offers of gas suppliers that require a deposit or advance payment.