The Risk

Also there are aerosols in several tones, that are practical but more expensive and for anything ecological. If it is antioxide with converter, better. If the color of antioxide is not the wished one, it hopes to that it is dried well (this step is fundamental, he is preferable to delay the work for the following day if is necessary), you always paint and it of the color that you want, using synthetic enamel. Record that is mate, semimate and brilliant, and that changes much aspect of the furniture according to which it is chosen. Loadings the later chorrea brush because and is not difficult much to correct. He is preferable to slip it or and if it does not cover with the first hand, to give two or three him so that it is perfect. It is necessary to have patience! * If your furniture enchants to you but he is perforated of as much oxide, you do not throw it! I resorted to a confidence blacksmith: surely he will be able to replace the part damaged by a new plate.

And you do not forget that this last one requires the same antioxide hands that a old man, before the definitive color. * If you found a skeleton of iron chair thrown in the path, is your opportunity to create your own chair. Again, I went to your blacksmith of confidence and mandale to make, oval an endorsement, squaring round, or of the form that you want (like the round sillita of the photo, ideal for a special corner of the house).What is broken, one knits! The object can be turned one of the most special elements of your house. * It is fundamental to add to them retailing to the legs of the iron furniture. Otherwise we run the risk of lining the floor (especially if it is of wood). In the outside, for example, usually they are leaving small oxide tracks, that do not leave. The protectors obtain themselves in many ironworks; he is enough with taking the measurement from the diameter of the legs of the object at issue. Original author and source of the article