The Thai

The respect of the Thai culture and tradition is expressed in the way, as to the many national holidays commits and elaborate, often intricately decorated dishes prepared on these occasions. Guests will be pampered with an endless sequence of spicy things, this one serves exotic fruits and Thai beer or local whisky, the Mekong. A menu, all at the same time come to the table, so that the chef can enjoy it together with his guests. The Thai have a special tradition of garnish, often elaborate decorations are carved out of vegetables. This art is an integral part of native culture, expressed also appreciation for the beautiful.

Everyday life in Thailand is closely linked with the seasons – with the harvest time and the vagaries of the monsoon climate. The Thai take seriously their diet and looking very fresh ingredients and balanced flavors. In all Thailand, rice is the main staple food, but various forms of preparation of coconut are close behind. Each region’s people understand from the locally available Ingredients to make the best that there is in the Thai kitchen many regional variations. Basics of Thai cuisine, the basic ingredients of Thai cuisine are coconut, lime, chillies, rice, garlic, lemon grass, ginger and coriander. Though the ingredient list is quite long, but the preparation and cooking methods are very simple and easy even for an inexperienced Cook to handle. The essential principle of Thai cuisine is balance.

The five taste extreme – bitter, sour, pungent, salty and sweet be balanced within a menu. In a menu, every single meal always provides a defined contribution to the overall result. Typical ingredients: Basil: three types of Basil used in Thai cuisine, but the available here green Basil is quite suitable. In selected Asia shops to get also Thai basil. Chillies: There are chilies in many different degrees of sharpness, therefore caution is advised in the selection.