The Use

Skin care products are often labeled with names and figures inspired by nature, to transmit the message that derivations are made with natural extracts. these are usually distributed in perfumery and shops of “body shop” or “body care”, however this Once inside the ingredients you will find the word “fragrance” which is synonymous with oil aroma but not essential. REIT is actively involved in the matter. The list of products such as fragrances does not end here are also very often the air freshener, insect repellent and cleaning products. Just as essential oils are introduced into our body for its aroma and the bloodstream by dermal application, the use of aromatic chemicals products are also entering into our body and can cause multiple allergies, symptoms undesirable physical and neurological level and even toxins. For other side effects, we can not deny that the perfume industry has managed to produce special and attractive perfume with aromas which would be difficult to stop using, so here are some tips that will be of great help when using synthetic perfumes you buy only high quality but surely it will be more expensive scent will be more like the original Use it only for special occasions or events and do not apply it in small amounts daily preferably sconces directly onto the skin or near your nose between their ingredients might find yourself in natural chemical compounds such as limestone, eugenic, or others who come from essential oils but have been synthesized in chemical laborious, these isolated compounds can cause side effects as opposed to when the ingredient is a pure essential oil synergy which minimizes or eliminates adverse effects.