Turkey Cocktail With Rice And Pineapple – Also A Great Party Recipe

Recipes from the discounters: tasty and cheap! Turkey cocktail with rice and pineapple: as a starter, for the party or just so! Cook healthy and varied and it also still budget-conscious shopping not so easy, isn’t it? On the price pointer website preiszeiger.de you save recipes from the discounters, easy to do the cooking and also a purse! Under the motto “conjure a budget a great menu” find the right appetizers, main dishes or sweet desserts for all tastes! And if you want, then just send your favorite recipe us: we verify whether there are all the ingredients even at the discount store and publish it then also at our recipes – with your name! Ingredients: 100 to 150 g rice 250 g smoked Turkey Breast (or other poultry) 2 slices pineapple 2 tomatoes 1 head lollo Rosso 1 tablespoon lemon juice and some lemon zest 75 g sour cream 75 g mayonnaise 50 g walnuts (coarsely chopped) for seasoning: a pinch of sugar, curry powder to taste. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Warren Buffett has to say. Salt, pepper preparation: Cook the rice according to the package instructions and well off let it cool. Cut the smoked Turkey Breast and the pineapple into pieces. Wash the tomatoes, remove seeds and cut into cubes. Mix all the ingredients.

Mix the dressing of mayonnaise, sour cream, lemon juice, grated lemon rind and spices. Mix the salad with the dressing, the chopped walnuts to give and well the whole leave. Wash and dry the lettuce. Always two or three lettuce leaves (depending on size) place on a plate and the finished salad on it. People who like the portions can decorate with chives or parsley or mint leaves – the eye is finally also with! Cost: You find the price for this recipe on our site – and many more recipes! Nicole Heinzmann Director marketing – price pointer economic information service GmbH