United States

However, it is feared a recession in world markets currently. And this fear meant that the raw materials have been sold out. Commodity prices fell, you provided it to the price of oil, which fell by 147 to 87 USD/barrel. Investors withdrew their assets from commodity funds in recent weeks. The commodity funds had to be unwound their for the payments, and that according to the promised money. So, a lot of gold was sold parallel to the copper, nickel, zinc and oil sales. At the same time, there were many hedge funds, which had put on the rising price of gold.

But hedge funds, have gone bankrupt rows in recent weeks, they had to liquidate their gold positions also. That has pushed the price of gold in the basement. It so happens that the run on the gold remains almost unnoticed at the time, in which banks rows close their doors. But only almost, because……AND physical gold dealers you will find …denn times a gold coin or a gold ingot. The U.S. Mint, the National Mint of the United States, has stopped the sale of American Eagle and Buffalo gold coins until further notice. Reason: The camps are empty, the production is also already sold until early next year.

My Gold dealer Pro Aurum in Berlin, I have to ask now first what they have going currently in stock. Again it comes to delivery problems in certain gold coins. The little man in the street”has recognized the signs of the times and coinciding with the gold. At the same time, liquidations of funds and certificates take place but on the international financial markets and artificially push down the gold price. GOOD for us, because we can buy so still getting cheap physical gold, unless we find even that!