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The purpose of this review is to determine how the iPhone 4 corresponds to the specs, and how it can compete with the developments of the competition. The introduction of Apple iPhone is no longer Superman in the world of mobile phones, not looking at all the turmoil and excitement. Now everyone has the postman (or will have) at least one super phone supporting Android, such as EVO 4G from Sprint, Google Nexus from T-Mobile, budding Droid X from Verizon, and Galaxy S from Samsung. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Daniel J. Hirsch. In addition, the iPhone must remain within price competition with cheaper 3G S, which also supports the new and improved multi-operating system zadachnuyu iOS 4. The question is not – is whether the iPhone new and interesting – of course, so is he. Such it functions as Video Chat FaceTime – very fun and exciting, and his high-resolution screen has a sedative effect on the eyes of its 5-megapixel camera simply exceptional. Designed by Apple is positioning its 4th iPhone, as the thinnest smartphone.

It somewhat misleading. IPhone 4 is slightly thicker on the edges, and because of this it seems that it is very thick. And its glass surface is more slippery than plastic in 3G S. Apple IPhone 4 slightly smaller than the 3G S in this case is the same weight, but due to the metal framing around the perimeter, and a glass front and rear parts, looks more solid and durable. He also has a more angular shape than 3G S, that means that reproduces the form of blankets, no longer fit (they will be too small), the upper frame, the place where the speaker has a sharp edge, which means that a naked iPhone, 4 if it is tightly pressed to his ear, will produce the impression of something sharp and not comfortable.