With Clay-colored And Clay Plaster To A Better Room Climate

The building material clay has a whole series of positive construction-biological properties and can have a positive influence in the living room climate. The times than humans as hunters and gatherers through the forests roamed this earth are long gone. We live now in a high-tech world and most people adhere only to very small parts of their time indoors. It is all the more surprising that we do relatively little, in order to make the air in the rooms in which we stop us positively. Especially in offices, which often supplies fresh air through a ventilation system cannot be ruled out mostly to dry air in the room and a health impairment in the long run. But also in our living rooms, an improvement of the living environment could be achieved with simple means. The clay is a building material which had been long forgotten and stabs himself due to his particularly positive properties out.

Clay is a particularly warm materials, whose Heat storage capacity, for example, when building used by clay ovens or for wall heaters. However, the moisture-regulating properties of the clay are particularly noteworthy. Clay is able to remove large amounts of excess moisture from air, to store and to return if necessary. This always an optimal humidity in mud houses. The building material clay other advantages are its high potential for pollution absorption and his anti-electrostatic behaviour. Although in the clay in the last, very much has done two decades of construction of a clay House is still a much larger task than, for example, building a solid or wooden house.

However, a good alternative to the pure loam House offers the use of Clay-colored and clay plasters, as they have in their programme more painting. These can be applied in appropriate pretreatment on various substrates and then develop their positive properties. Since the use of clay products, however a high level requires she should Commissioning its artist learn just about his qualifications in this area.