With Leather Pants At The Oktoberfest

Grows with you already, the anticipation of the Oktoberfest? The Oktoberfest is an unforgettable event. Who once took part, must come back. The atmosphere, the beer, the tradition of making a big impression on the tourists as well as the Germans who want to simply visit their traditional festival at least once in life. The event originated in the 19th century and is organised annually since that time. All gather at the Theresienwiese, every German brewery has her tent there. They drink beer, but that is not the only activity: one dance also dances, sings folk songs and just has fun.

The clothing, so the costume and leather pants are a part of this festival. The clothing must be sewn in a traditional manner. The dirndl consists of several parts, a blouse, a skirt and an apron. Leather pants are every man. Many of them dream of at home to have a pair of pants. This is a good opportunity to consider whether leather pants, maybe a good Gift for your customers might be. You are only aware, that your Bavarian company to take advantage of this situation.

You have created your company in Munich and are so closely related to the tradition. Cars, measure pitchers but also the leather pants can be a great gift not only BMW. Next year your customers will be you thankful that they will visit the Oktoberfest perfectly dressed can. These pants can replace all the others with success. You should not make sure that she can be seen as old-fashioned. The tradition is today undervalued, all Bayer and not only they know. If there is a Carnival, all men without exception wear these pants. Although Germany is a member of the European Union, many people know how important it is to preserve the old customs and traditions. Many of your customers will therefore also look forward, if they get leather pants as a gift. Who was at the Oktoberfest, has seen how beautiful this dress looks. All tourists admire, now also want to have. There are even designer inspired by this type of clothes can be. Use most often the old patterns and create something new. The Oktoberfest is also a great opportunity to finally see these pants with one’s eyes. Many know theoretically what it looks like but have never actually seen it. In the Alps, Austria and southern Germany, the tradition of wearing folk dress, is still alive. On the streets, if there is a party, all men wear lederhosen. Even if it’s very hot is not refrain. If the women can wear a Dirndl almost daily, the men must wear the folk dress. Even small boys get their first shorts, if they have a birthday or if there is a folk festival, which is important for the village. There is nothing better than girls and boys, that maintaining the old tradition of their grandparents. Together with the whole family, celebrate on the street, go to church and have lunch. Mothers prepare a roast pork and veal sausage. All are pleased to to be able to finally together celebrate.