Wolfgang Bergmann

He lifted his head and began to sniff. “Stop, stop sunny”! He was already on the way to the beach. He had taken on the smell of water and since he is still difficult to brake his stubborn and temporary hearing loss. We were warmly received and brought to our room, of course with sunny. About topp and perfect, clean, tidy, bright and big and a 20 m balcony on the sunny was instantly wide. My wife mouth with the Lady of the House and there was a cool blonde (half litre) of the head, which we gratefully accepted for me and my son. Just perfect and welcome – incredibly after 3wochiger, unsuccessful search and sayings that I had to listen to me and myself gave.

There’s actually a place for sunny and a beer for me and Michael and the nice lady of the House, who is talking to my wife and her kind husband, a tennis teacher, who will assist with all sorts. They speak perfect german, because they again went just four years ago after many years in Germany to Poland. Master of the House is a well-known tennis coach in Germany. Restaurants for all tastes and shopping there too. Just perfect and the prices agree also. They say, if one goes to Poland with the car the car is already there. No, is not the case.

The pension has suitable parking and garages and also for expensive sedans. SAT-TV and a decent device where you need no magnifying glass is also there. Good rest and they align a greeting from sunny, family and myself.