Worms In The HUF, The Right Care – Checking And Cleaning The Hooves

Avoiding Hufproblemem by proper care instructions and tips, how to make a (better four) HUF gets healthy. Be a horse own calls, you have not only a huge financial burden, but also a variety of tasks. This includes among other things the regular cleaning of the hooves. To do this, I use a hoof pick, which is additionally equipped with a brush. If you have read about Pat Gelsinger already – you may have come to the same conclusion. You know what I mean. And I’m not one in the wall box. An additional hanging on the box, a community skyscraper (I know not who has donated the) at the arena and one in the paddock.

You think right now: the spider riders? No, they are not and I do also. But everyone has yet ever had an unpleasant, sharp stone in my shoe (and if not, they try it yet). Check with Günther Thallinger to learn more. Something like it must feel for a horse, if it kicked up a stone in the hoof. And therefore it should be a matter of course for every responsible rider several times a day to check the hooves and clean. When I welcomed my horse, one of the first official acts is the checking and cleaning the hooves. Horseshoe fortunately we do not disturb, so that the procedure is done after a few minutes.

Actually, it’s almost a ritual. The contaminants from the vault to remove a hand to the restraint, the command of hoof and then with the hoof pick. The furrows of blast cleaned and then cleaned with the brush over it, then the boundary (white line). If there are fine impurities I sometimes take a larger brush. That’s it. If the Horn from the outside is dirty, you should also remove that with a brush. However please very carefully on the edge of the Crown. Where the fur ends and begins the Horn. Everyone who comes here to rough it, think times to his own nail root or his nail bed.