Xchange4SL With New Features

Xchange4SL – buy Linden dollars and sell after the beginning of February, a new release with the following functional extensions followed successful rollout of Xchange4SL March 30, 2009: 1st partner program – registered user can set up in second life advertising plates and ATM. As soon as an order with Xchange4SL arrives on one of these objects, the owner will receive 2% of the amount as Commission. 2 Xchange4SL customers can order quickly, cheaply and safely Linden dollars from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland payment “sofortueberweisung.de” – with the service “sofortueberweisung.de” certified by the TuV. See more detailed opinions by reading what Technology author offers on the topic.. 3. new currencies – Xchange4SL offers in addition to the “Euro” now also exchange opportunities in currencies “US dollar”, “British pound” and the “Swiss francs”. This is the response to the rapidly rising international demand.

“In total we recognize the rapid growth of Xchange4SL with this release. High customer satisfaction carries primarily when, after only two months on the Xchange4SL has a respectable clientele. For the trust placed in us, we would like to thank expressly all customers! In the future we will as an innovative company on our customers hear and convince through customer-oriented features”, explains Michael Wagner, virtual Xchange Ltd. spokesman Michael Wagner