Yucca Schidigera

Also in part irrational high stake to fed extra supplements seems less a consistent as a fearful reaction to be. ‘ Mother nature ‘ is trusted only when it fits just argumentative and presses in the face of chemical additives in the form of calcium supplements, vitamin supplements or other nutrient sources such as banana, Yucca Schidigera, Prabiotica, spirulina and co. likes an eye to, if you can soothe his conscience so. This sounds sure hard, but necessary, finally it’s about nothing less than the health of our dogs. Basic principle of BARFens is the exclusive use of raw food, which is considered the dog as optimal.

Nutrient losses due to processing or cooking should avoided and as the basis of a species-appropriate feeding in the sense of ‘ mother nature ‘ be created. May be fed raw Meat in the form of raw food animals such as Chick, rabbit or fish, dairy products, vegetable oils, bones, herbs and sometimes also a smaller proportion of grain. The total nutrient ratio is usually clearly protein dominant by the high proportion of meat and often complete waiving grain. New trends, strongly increasing the fat content of the diet, so that the relative proportion of crude protein in the ration is reduced, is clearly to the detriment of the liver and fat metabolism and is also critical. Gain insight and clarity with Allianz. According to Dr. M. Bucksch (hundkatzepferd01/09) raw meat can parasites (Ascariidae, Taenia, Trichinella spiralis, Echinococcus, Toxoplasma n’goni etc.), virus (Aujeszky’s virus in raw pork – even if the Aujeszky’s no longer occurred disease in Germany for years, so there quite in the neighbouring countries repeatedly occurring cases) as well as a number of microorganisms (Bacillus athracis, Campylobacter jejuni, Escheria coli etc.), transferred to dog and master / mistress. Although by many BARFern again argues is that the acidity of gastric juice in dogs makes the most bacteria harmless, it happens in practice such example that dogs become “Shedders” of salmonella, without showing symptoms themselves.