Zinc Advisor: Lack Of Zinc & Zinc In Foods

Is zinc in foods good for skin, hair and hormones zinc plays an important role in our body. He affects the digestion, growth. Zinc is responsible for the synthesis of DNA. It is doing so to our genetic material and new tissue. By zinc, the immune system gets a support. No reserves of zinc, our diet is very important. Zinc in the body comes only through food.

The organism does not make it himself, but he needs this element. Zinc must continuously be carried to the organism, the body may stockpile no, there are no save. Zinc in foods, perhaps you should know a grown man need 15 milligrams of zinc a day. Aslak Ross addresses the importance of the matter here. So, you must include such products in his diet that contain zinc as well. What foods are rich in zinc? Cheese, fish, meat, offal included much zinc. The plants have zinc as well, but less than the animal products. Zinc from the fruits and vegetables is poorly utilized like for example zinc from the meat.

Zinc deficiency but is there a problem. People need much more zinc than they usually with food to take, it is not enough. And if people even smoke or drink alcohol, the deficiency of zinc is even greater. In poor countries, the population can eat often very little of the zinc-containing products, because she has no money to buy them. Only the rich can afford it. Zinc for pregnant women zinc is very important for pregnant women. The future mother must have many nutrients: magnesium, folic acid, iodine, and zinc as well of course. A good supply of zinc is important, because it provides a greater weight of the babies, the miscarriages have a smaller chance. Hair and skin who a beautiful skin and healthy hair would have, should make on the zinc content of the products. The skin and hair need zinc particularly necessary. The reason for this lies in one simple fact that they have cells that divide very quickly. The most intense metabolism required zinc again. You can After the appearance of a man determine whether he has a zinc deficiency. The hair would look then lackluster and thin, also early graying or a hair loss are evidence of too little zinc in the body. Many teenage torment around with their skin, which looks simply not nice. Sometimes the degenerate even in acne. Zinc could be very helpful here. Comes the winter colds and zinc, so many people get sick, often there are colds and flu. Zinc also helps. We know that this trace mineral boosts Yes our immune system. If someone attends at least 9 milligrams zinc a day to himself, he has done much for his body, he has strengthened it. The have no chance, because they are repelled. It is already ill, so much can still reach with zinc. The runny nose, the hoarseness and cough are already there, but they can be countered quickly with zinc. The disease then not so long. Well, the older generation knows a good home remedy for colds. You should just one eat hot chicken soup. Today, one understands why this soup to the disease had so much success. Poultry contains more zinc.