Charles Dickens

An enterprising one knows that it must risk, is like the phrase " If you do not risk not ganas". 6) To be able to surpass " fracaso": they ten the capacity to surpass the errors. The mediocre women are not those that fail, but those that leave. And I want to share this phrase with you, " Each failure teaches to the man something that needed aprender" , it is of Charles Dickens, it is for that reason so important that you learn of each one of the situations that can be presented/displayed to you. 7) To be responsible: it fulfills commitments that already you have acquired, first tropezn you do not want to leave everything, ten the anger and compromtete and so you decided to do. Patience, Perseverancia and Tolerancia to the frustration: and you are with qualities that any enterprising woman has and works in them, the things not always leave as you would want, and much less to the first attempt, these three together qualities cause that you obtain the impossible thing. 9) Initiative: this is the action capacity, ten the initiative to learn, to do, to know, you are not let stop by fear, by frustrations, djalas back.

" From now until 20 years we will be sorrier than we did not do to which we did mal" phrase said by Mark Twain. 10) It invests in same you: It invests in everything what it lets you grow like person, which you makes rich is not the money but your abilities. Same Suprate, you are not satisfied to the person who you are. These are 10 qualities that an enterprising woman has, works in them, aplcalas to your life and obtains what more you want. It would enchant to know to me your opinion, I invite to you to share this article with friendly or relatives who can be seen beneficiaries with the information. Visit: Original author and source of the article.