Manitou Training

February 20 of this 2009 training was held on the telehandler MANISCOPIC – MRT and MANITRANSIT – TMT. Training held head of sales Etienne Bursa company Manitou BF. MRT series machines can be equipped with brushes for cleaning surfaces. With respect to attachments, this bucket for light material buckets for concrete, hook, swivel arm – hook, telescopic hoist, which increases as the height and reach), etc. The patented design of the capture attachments allows replacement without leaving their desks. Application MANISCOPIC series MRT MRT use a telescopic handler to set a working platform and the vacuum grip – the best solution for the installation of sandwich panels for construction of warehouses and shopping centers.

Applying a series of MRT, you can mount all the operations to produce one car. For this purpose, the working platform is installed rotary boom-hook with a vacuum grip. All controls are duplicated on the working platform lift or optionally available radio-controlled version of a portable control panel. On request and need to be vacuum cups for work at height, for example, when replacing or installing windows .. At construction sites MRT series helps deliver palletized loads. To submit the cargo to inaccessible places provided a model EPS with additional oblique knee.

Through a series of MRT can be raised and unload bulk cargo. To this end loader equipped with different types of buckets up to 3 m. You can also give a concrete solution to the dispenser. At Attachment using additional loaders with telescopic boom can be used as a mixer ..