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Brand new – now there’s brand jeans sale party, the latest trend! The company’s philosophy”is based on the idea of a German importer and marketer of TOP of brand jeans, FEN, (FASHION Ltd.) “Welcome to jeans go! the jeans like the famous Tupperware” to sell in good company. The sense of trends and the high degree of flexibility in this fashion are key features of the company – philosophy. Top brand jeans in many colors and shapes, with and without applications which are sold to friends and neighbors by inviting ladies and gentlemen in a home setting. A jeans party”? Yes, that’s the idea of the new form of old party because: jeans always go! “ men, women and kids now” her favorite jeans can select from a wide range of different design and shapes. Whether one whether occupied Dreiviertel-pants with Rhinestones, whether with applications stitched-on, sorted in the most common sizes 34-52, in the most varied Always is something for every taste colors. And the most important: the price is right! No matter what size or appearance, each women’s jeans costs EUR 23.50. It is not something Nicholas Carr would like to discuss.

And: In the circle of friends and acquaintances, it’s just more fun to try are advised to leave, look at the latest jeans, and to take. For some / n party visitor, a lucrative (secondary) begins with a jeans party income opportunity. Not praise the party selling fun and benefits, the jeans woman or man”, the jeans are selling virtually by itself. Convinced by the quality of the brand FEN! If someone earn good money”, Mr Ribbeck and his team likes to show, how is a jeans party to the Renner! An activity without purchase obligations sales requirements, without hooks and eyes”! There’s no? However, there! At the present time, this simple, not requiring a Declaration and excellent in 2007 concept with jeans ware is ideal with its advanced, additional possibilities in the sales, suitable for housewives, pensioners… but also for all other professionals, freelancers, self-employed and of course also for men and women, think of your future in the age! More information is available in the Internet under:

Video Distribution

Facebook, who already is widely used as a platform for video distribution live, are doing their own work with a new application called Facebook Live. However, unlike services like Ustream and Livestream that offer the feature of live video to Facebook pages, Facebook Live goes beyond being a channel dedicated to the events of the social networking company and becomes a streaming video platform for others. In a statement, the company says that it will use Facebook live to see what is new in Facebook, including the famous guests who pass by the headquarters of the company, demonstrations of the new features of employees and special events (possibly, things like the f8 Conference). The application itself is very similar to other platforms of video live, via the integrated chat, but it will be very interesting to see how Facebook will make the promotion of the role. Could we see notifications in the news channel When one stop great results by the central services of the company? That would give rise to an opportunity to add some hearings and huge conferences around live video. Either way, is a nice blessing for Livestream, has been chosen as the official partner of live video for the project. Source of the news: Facebook Launches Live Video Channel original author and source of the article

The Market

After this brief characterization of the constituent elements of the desire of filosofar, a constatao if imposes: the world contemporary, our world sunk in a imediatista pragmatismo, is opposing to the desire of to filosofar. It denies and if he opposes vehemently to the four components of the philosophy desire. Our society, will say Badiou, does not like the revolt nor of the critical one. ' ' It is a world that believes in the management and the natural order of the things It asks for to each one to adapt itself. Individual&#039 is a world of the simple calculation; '. (BADIOU, 1994, P. 48).

Our world is avesso to the rational coherence, is submitted to the logic of images and signs that simulate the Real. This world of the images, world of the media, is instantaneous and incoherent. It is a world very fast without memory, ephemeral and fugaz. For more information see this site: Dennis Lockhart. Where the only permanence is the impermanncia. In such world of the images, it is very difficult to support a logic of the thought. Another constituent element of the desire of filosofar that it loses space in our society is the universality, a time that the only universality that it knows is of the money, the universality what Marx called general equivalent.

It are of the universality of the market and of the currency, it supports Badiou, each one is locked up in its tribe. Each one defends its particularitity. In our world the false universality of the capital is opposed to the ghetto of the cultures, the classrooms, the races, the religions. (Cf. BADIOU, 1994). Paradoxicalally, at the same time where we attend the globalization of the market laws, demands of groups and etnias emerge demanding bigger social insertion with respect its particularitities and differences. That is, the requirement of ethics of the diversity and singularidades is each bigger time that place in check the man vision, while subject and abstract universal reason in relation which if can referenciar certain imperatives, rights and duties, also had as universal.

Jose Carlos SanchezLara

Faced with the description of this task poetic intention, one immediately notes the distortion to put this set of texts that the reader expects when he delivered what is called poetry. Since the first text of the book is a para-reflection between poetry and prose decides But why one with the word a distortion rather than a innovation ? Perhaps because the latter word is linked to the optimism of the a desarrolloa , a progresoa and if one uses, it is implicitly ascribing to the same ideology pervasive that this book helps to fight. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Nicholas Carr. What is perhaps an exaggeration, at best one can state that there is an attempt or gesture of combat, the hint of an alternative, a “against the powerful current state of affairs, which extends to the edge of other ideologies still tautological and more extreme fundamentalists whose derivations we are almost inimaginablesa “after all we are still Western. An alternative of necessity faltering against the State of Things to oppose the inevitable looming terrors future repetition of repetitions and platitudes disguised die half truths and values evidentesa “which are transformed and disguise and appear to watch us from any side of the trench..

The Literary

In such a way, acrescentamosque even so has a necessity to treat literature in its dimension histricae its use as object to give others you discipline, its diffusion not podelimitar- to these boardings. As in salient Werneck (1999. P) ' ' it is hour to change paradigmas' ' for this literature will not only have to be saw paraoutras areas, but it in the understanding of its nature saw pra same. Martins (2006, P. 98) offers some metodolgicas suggestions that we will be able verificaradiante that they are well pertinent, as ' ' to reevaluate the approaches that guide otrabalho with literature in classroom (estruturalismo, formalism, biografismo and others) ' '. To deepen your understanding Dennis Lockhart is the source. The same author (2006, P.

98) adds that she is necessary: To diversify the work with texts of pontode seen didactic pedagogical. To stimulate forms of the pupil to present the sualeitura, such as: dramatizaes, simulated jury, production of you wall, recounts to leave of other languages (drawing, painting, reviewed in quadrinhos etc.). We verify that in this position umapreocupao in the production of the pupil exists and that the literary text finishes being used comoutenslio so that the pupils test or improve its abilities how much literal produo, elaboration of arguments, organization of its ideas, also standing out the act of the reading that passes to be tied with the life doaluno. We can evidence that todasestas suggested activities involve subject to the o form text that it passes to aser co-author in the production of the ideas of the author. We stand out, also formascomo the pupils can present its reading. The drawing, the painting revistaem and it quadrinhos do not demand that the pupil produces extensive works of produoescrita, but that he exerts mainly its creativity. As suggestion metodolgicMartins (2006, P. 99) still contributes for this quarrel affirming on aimportncia of ' ' to develop comparative analyses between produced texts diverse porautores in distinct contexts.

Commissions Commissions

The commissions are percentages (money) that deducted or charged banks directly to the accounts of persons, making banking movements with a view to payment during certain times, usually a month, deposit, or simply by the case of maintaining the accounts of these people active. The commissions are an important source of income for banks, since they are characterized by increase or decrease its percentage depending on the amount managed. The collection of commissions may be exposed to a variable percentage constant, because this can be affected by several factors; among the most common are. Income from a check to a country or a different city to the place where it became welcomes a greater Commission, either by currency exchange or cheque handling. The transaction or a Fund through a cheque deposit requires a Commission, since control and stamp costs are taken into account in all these transactions. Nicholas Carr usually is spot on. Payment or change of a cheque, now collects a large percentage of resources for these entities, as first makes all this Commission percentage according to the amount paid, also charged the Commission for provision of asset swap.

The entry of a cheque to a different financial institution, causes a minimum Commission, due to the handling of assets by both entities. It is good to mention that although deductions or commissions are currently made by any financial movement, those already mentioned are the most applicable to checks mainly. An important point to touch is the percentage; This can vary as he has been said previously by the amounts of money and handling of transaction, however in real numbers they can range from a minimum percentage of a 0.75 percent, up to a maximum of 9 per cent, is clear, as the case of the financial movement; However it is important to say that sometimes both types of percentage may vary depending directly of the rigor of the conducted financial movement. It is good to mention that currently the law intercepts in some cases the collection of These commissions; a clear example of this are the rejected checks or without funds, because it is illogical and illegal to charge fee for a cheque which could not be logged in, therefore the law of certain countries as Spain considered this illegal act. Commissions for cheques have certain exceptions, within the best known we find that the check when it is cashed in the same State where it is issued does not apply to the Commission, however, in certain situations if it is the same entity, but different location may charge a minimum Commission. Original author and source of the article

Customer Contact

It is also necessary to ensure that at contact with the customer, who made two orders randomly in a row (for example, I forgot something for the first time) to talk about the same order. Order ID, of course, must be unique. Should also be remembered business logic of the process clearance, in particular, clean basket of goods after the order is issued. It is common for a shop that is not associated with intra-accounting system of orders, to send data on request to e-mail Authority stores. But we all know that the mail is not very reliable in this 'hyper-spam' time.

Therefore, be sure to duplicate orders in the record store orders, if necessary, be able to view your order history online shop manual. If you are buying a product, the visitor can choose the color, design and any further details – in a letter sent to the appearance that the customer has chosen. So much easier for the store administrator. The easiest way to do it – do not send the letter attached to the picture, and send a link to the appropriate picture catalog (type design). 7.

Register buyers on the one of registration gives the visitor many opportunities, for example, may be provided by the history of purchases may remembering shipping addresses, and so on. But there is another side of the coin, the visitor must enter their data, fill numerous and detailed forms to register at all, and this love is not all. I believe that a good online store should be able to purchase a registration with or without her. Let the buyer himself choose that for him the better. In registering to 'lure' the customer something more than history or personal shopping basket. A perfect solution will be accumulative discounts. One should not sign a buyer without his knowledge special offers on delivery shop. Not only is this illegal, it is also a way to lose a customer. It makes sense to offer the user to decide whether to sign or not. To do this, put in the time of registration Field: I want to receive information about discounts and special offers this online store I think it is quite possible it defaults to 'cheknut', although, strictly speaking, it is also not very good. Be sure to provide opportunity to unsubscribe from our newsletter store. Here, briefly, in my opinion and the basic requirements for the appearance of fairly modern Internet-Store. Here, as I mentioned at the beginning and, there is almost no word about how friendly control system should be such a site, as provyazyvaetsya presence in the store, warehouse, and other things that are a major headache Authority stores. This is a topic for another article, and much more volume.


Precautions recommend using methodologies that the time parameter is chosen intuitively, for example: the average, moving average, Holt and Brown, Winters and indicators. The experts suggest that average neosmyslenno, by selecting one of the proposed values – 25, 14, 5 days and use the selected option as long as it works effectively. In a survey of players and own attempts to adhere to this recommendation, it became clear that while we intuitively choose the parameter, the market is generally unchanged. So it makes sense to use technical analysis indicators avtomasshtabiruemy time parameter or the averaging method is sensitive to incoming data. With regression analysis, which has become very popular today, is not so simple.

It is necessary that all independent variables, including the hidden or difficult to measure, were included in the model. Otherwise, estimates of the regression coefficients (in the nonorthogonal case) will be biased (Gauss – Markov becomes impermissible). Regression equation with biased estimates of regression coefficients does not have any sense – it is nothing more than self-deception, supported by the authority of mathematics. Local approximation method has many in common with autoregressive methods, but has clear advantages over autoregressive: at any given time know the exact number of variables, which gives us the fractal dimension, the search for its integral part of the method of the aircraft. Also, instead using the globally-linear (uniform for the entire series) is characteristic of autoregression, piecewise linear approximation that can successfully predict irregular time series. Therefore, not to wait for the immutability of the system during the entire observation time, but for LA, in contrast to autoregression that is not required. Despite the availability of advanced modern methods of technical analysis, there a huge number of supporters and fundamental analysis and is not quite correct to say that between adherents of the above theories is a dispute about the effectiveness and universality of each of the theories. It should be noted that dispute mainly focuses on the applicability of technical analysis. Compromise in the dispute, is an attempt to combine the methods of technical and fundamental analysis.

Distributed Document Capture

AutoStore product suite for authorities in live mode to see Wetzlar, March 14, 2012 eGovernment projects and the General growing use of computers have so far not closer to the paperless office can be. On the contrary, companies and in particular authorities print documents of according to current survey unrestrained than ever. It comes from the global IT Industry Association CompTIA, the computing technology industry association, which had interviewed 400 IT – and Geschaftsverantwortliche. 80% want to meet the paperwork by digitizing files and other papers and build at the same time more efficient processes for document management and information management. The experts argue what is however specifically needed for themselves. The idea of the Central Post Office not depicts the reality”, says Enno Luckel, Managing Director of subsidiary NSi Europe GmbH in Wetzlar, Germany. For efficient processing of operation staff can freely decide when paper is scanned. This is only possible with decentralised collection.” And you should be also perceive the existing possibilities of manual activities largely to be relieved.

Live demonstration of AutoStore it practically looks like will show 2012 NSi to the public IT that 2 is fair for local solutions and services on 24 and April 25, 2012 take place in Stuttgart. On the NSi stand M. 05 in Hall 7 can show visitors the AutoStore product suite for authorities in live mode see and try classical workflows to multifunction devices (MFP). The product family offers many possibilities, the decentralized collection of documents of any format of files, so to automate fax or E-Mails as well as their right-secure processing, distribution and archiving. Similar apps for the mobile phone, the procedures button on the MFP can be started.

The rest runs in the background and provides the highest security standard. The NSi solutions are used by more than 750 authorities and public service providers in Europe. In Germany alone, there are around 300 offices such as the Hessian administrative court, the Municipal Government of Dublin or the waste water purpose Association room Offenburg (AZV). NSi software is available via certified distribution partners such as regional resellers and systems integrators for Office technology more info and reference. The manufacturer provides contacts see: de/uber-well-established solutions/contact/about the AutoStore product suite for authorities under: sectors/fire / more on the so-called study: author: Corinna Scholz


The man was with the distributor in the street and he requested a pizza to him, soon he requested money to him and before its refusal the aggression took place. The blows got to leave to the distributor without knowledge. There is acquitted another man accompanied who it at the time of the aggression. A court of Motril (Granada) has condemned to a neighbor of Almucar to five year and a half of jail by the caused injuries a distributor of pizzas to which it struck with a motorcycle helmet in the middle of the street to rob the money that took to him, after the refusal of this one to give a pizza him. Similarly, according to the sentence, there is acquitted another man accompanied who it at the time of the aggression. The 17 facts at night happened the May of 2008 on the 10,00 h when two men who circulated in a moped in the marine Stroll of Almucar saw that a distributor of pizzas approached them, reason why after pausing one of both, without knowledge of the other, I am in center placed of the road obtaining to hold the motorcycle of the distributor, whom he asked a pizza to him. The distributor he assured that he did not take any reason why the aggressor requested the money to him that took and before his refusal it later struck several times to him in the forehead with the hand and with the helmet that took in the face while it said &quot to him; dame the money or I kill to you, you mato" . The blows got to leave to the distributor without knowledge, circumstance that took advantage of the aggressor to seize of the 400 Euros that it had in a rionera stock market. While this happened, the companion, that at first moment went to leave parked in moped next to a lamppost, when seeing the happened thing said to him to its companion who left the distributor. As a result of the blows, the distributor was hospitalized a day and needed 60 days to cure the wounds. Source of the news: The condemned to 5 years of jail to attack to a distributor when refusing to give a pizza him