Dessauer Interest

Interest payments of the Dessauer Pauly biscuit AG overdue the Dessauer biscuit manufacturer Pauly biscuit AG a loan with 5 years brought 2010 term and an interest rate of 7.5% in the volume of EUR 8 million out. Having bought the interest for 2010 still on time, investors waiting now since January 18 this year in vain on interest rates for 2011. Rumors about the company’s ability to pay are circulating on the Internet. After release of the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, the Pauly biscuit AG in an E-Mail to investors should have admitted that due to the overall economic development within the last months the company under pressure was advised and have to deal with a liquidity squeeze. There might be something off, because according to the annual report 2009 decreased revenues by approximately 26 million in 2008 to about 21 million and at the same time, the loss of 86,000 EUR rose to 425,000 EUR. Little is reassuring, that the company in January its name to 1.

Dessauer Beteiligungs AG changed its seat has moved to Herford. Finally still a Swiss investor against a commitment of Pauly biscuit AG should have decided. Because the Pauly biscuit AG with interest payments already well over 30 days in arrears, investors can cancel their bonds. While they should take legal assistance, upon the termination of some formalities are taken into account. The termination is possible however only as long as the Pauly biscuit AG not paid the interest. Therefore, investors who no longer trust the company, better hurry.

Distribute Information

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Historic Market

Successful third edition of the popular historic market enthusiastically weekly market and middle ages fans at the weekend 30-31 July 2011 the historic farmer’s market in the shadow of the Church on the Burg square with peasant farmers/local market, medieval crafts, ancient gastronomy and a comprehensive programme inspired many thousands of visitors from Duisburg and its surrounding area. Many loyal fans of weekly market to the amazement and shopping gathered in almost sunny weather with temperatures around 20 degrees. For assistance, try visiting Home Depot. Just as many families took advantage of the wide range of free activities with children to play and have fun. This included among others the Knights camp and the numerous exhibition matches of the real”Knight, as known from the times of the middle ages. For fans of weekly market were the historic stands with the traditionally dressed market be feeder in the foreground.

In addition to everyday goods such as such as fruit and vegetables, meat and sausage, cheese and fish, enjoyed many Wochenmarktbegeisterte on historical household goods, even woven baskets or even handmade glasses. “This year of the jugglers and fire spitters Jeremiah, was particularly popular with the little” the also the trio KramBamBule “with bagpipes, drums, zithers and shawms musically supported. Meanwhile, the adults at ancient beer stands, or at the historic consumption stations settled spoil. All in all were pleased the organizing FrischeKontor Duisburg GmbH with its partners and the dedicated market over a successful weekend of farmer’s market and on the continuation of this popular series of events in 2012.