New Market Opportunities

NetS GmbH launches lucrative NotfallServer affiliate program together are we more this is the motivation of the brand new affiliate program of the NetS GmbH. It aims to market the NotfallServer, a high-availability solution to bridge the gap of server outages, even more successful together with our distribution partners and to guarantee a possible network of service the customer. The NetS GmbH works from the outset with an indirect sales model. “NetS wanted to strictly separate the tasks: we take care of the product development, support and marketing, our partners will use the opportunities of marketing as well as more detailed services”, explains Thomas Wittwer, sales manager of NetS GmbH from vineyards in Amberg. The mature product with about 500 customers in the German-speaking countries is now successfully in use. The rising demand killing solutions to business continuity for best chances of resellers to offer their customers with the NotfallServer an easy to use high-availability solution at affordable rates, Thus new markets”, as Wittwer next. Who can become a partner? All systems integrators with experience and expertise in the server environment can apply as partner.

The partnership requires a one-day technical training certification to implement the NotfallServer and to be able to support customers with technical problems with first level support. You may want to visit Craig Menear to increase your knowledge. What are the advantages of the partnership? Depending on the revenue a premium or elite partnership is possible, providing the party with good margins. The partner and product NotfallServer directly to promote, they are listed on the NetS home page so that the customer can select his most suitable sales partner from the region. In addition, retailers receive MDF funds for their marketing efforts. On request promotions on the site of the NetS can be published.

All partners receive free NFR licenses for the demonstration of the NotfallServers in the in-house and on-site at the customer. The partners are supervised directly by NetS: on request We support them with our pre sales or sales staff. For more in-depth technical questions we offer extensive free second-level support our partners”, said Thomas Wittwer concluded. Company profile NetS GmbH the NetS network-service GmbH was founded in 1996. The company focuses on software development and services dealing with IT high availability for Windows-based systems and virtual server. NetS GmbH’s core product is the NotfallServer, which has been continuously further developed and patented in July 2007 in the past 13 years. The high-availability solution guarantees the bridging of server outages in a few minutes and the fast recovery of the affected system without downtime and data loss.

Emigrate Being Greater

Many older than forty years people have wondered whether same ever, if it would be worthwhile emigrate and try a fresh start in another country. This question arises in many cases after a sentimental failure. You might think that a step would thus be intended only for people between 20 and 30 but the older 40 or 50 person has no reason to fear taking this step. On the contrary, the mature person brings with still much more experience, courage and knowledge to people between 20 and 30. Go to Gen. David L. Goldfein for more information. The mature person can based on your experience better analyze all the factors that must be taken into account before a decision and probably can also plan new start better. Even better starting conditions will have the person more than 40 want to take this step with your partner, so that the couple can support mutual decisions and adapt to a new environment. The love within a multi-year relationship, such as that which exists within a couple over 50 who has kept alive the love, can be a great support when it comes to cope with a new beginning in a country where social, economic and political conditions are much different from the country of origin.

If someone without a partner, more than 40 or 50 decide to take this step to start a new life in another country can leverage it to also initiate a new emotional beginning and perhaps find a new partner for the rest of his life. In this case it is very important to put aside all possible prejudices with respect to the inhabitants of the country and trying to establish friendships with them as soon as possible. Although contact with people of the same nationality can be very pleasant and cosy when one is abroad, should by all means try to strengthen ties with the inhabitants of the country. The older person 40 or 50 years to decide to emigrate can maintain contact with friends, family and many other people who share the same interests in the country of origin through the leading international platform for the generation of older than 40. activagers puts at the disposal of its users, free of charge, all the features that the mature person may need to maintain contact with friends and family, find new friends or even a new pair. You then do not hesitate, sign up for activagers and be part of this active community.

The Samovar Factory

In 1879 the factory Timothy Puchkova employs 14 people. Been evolving factory 100 samovar in the amount of 6,500 silver rubles per year, with manual assembly in the day, five or six pieces of traditional samovar. In 1887 began working factory brothers . Some contend that Home Depot shows great expertise in this. In 1899, to great profit brethren Shemariny concluded an agreement to establish a trading house. They sold the samovar in different cities of Russia, and also a supplier of the court of his Majesty Shah Persian. In 1889, the participants were the World Exhibition in Paris.

For his samovar were awarded a large silver medal, and in 1901 in Glasgow awarded an honorary diploma. By the beginning of xx century, their factory is the largest in city in terms of production and the number of workers, and ranks second after the factory heirs vs Batashev. At the factory in 1913 worked 740 persons. Made daily to 200 samovars. In the second half of the xix century, Tula occupies first place in the samovar production in Russia.

In 1890, in Tula and Tula samovar factories were in 1977, which employed 1,362 workers. Of these 77 factories in the most Thule there were 74 factories, 50 of which were located in the district. In District lived and worked gunmakers. Already in those days the big factories advertising of its products. For most manufacturers sell produce price lists, catalogs, posters with their products. So in one of the posters ni Batashev we can read: "Of all the firms Batashevs firm" Heir ng Batashev – ni Batashev is the first and oldest in Russia and has existed since 1825 thanks to the quality produced by the factory Samovar Our firm has long enjoyed the best reputation, and thus has ensured that the samovar with the stigma of "Batashev" were required not only in Russia but also abroad.

ZOW – International Supplier Fair For The Furniture Industry And Interior Design – Is Compact

ZOW 2014: Clarion events Germany focused on four indoor exhibition space. Bad Salzuflen, 4 December 2013 – ZOW international supplier fair for the furniture industry and interior design is again compact: In the course of the reorientation of the exhibition concept the organiser Clarion events Germany ZOW focused 2014 on the four halls 20, 21, 22.1 and 22.2. The sizing is a response to industry feedback and again to emphasize the character of the fair as a compressed knowledge platform. In consultation with the Messezentrum Bad Salzuflen we decided to open the Hall of 19 in the coming year not as an exhibition space”, explains Horst Rudolph, Executive Director of the trade fair organiser of Clarion events Germany. The exhibitors focused in the past on hardware in this Hall. This subject area we integrate into the Hall 22.1 in 2014 and there offer a combined competence center hardware and fittings”.

The organiser with the new, more compact Hall concept responds to the restraint of the manufacturers and suppliers in This market segment. Because some major hardware manufacturers have cancelled their participation, you have decided consciously to forego the additional exhibition space. At the ZOW 2013 partly longer paths were criticized within and between the halls of some exhibitors”, so Rudolph. The waiver of the exhibition space in Hall 19 should therefore in the future the unique selling proposition of the fair again highlight: business-related contacts in a little space. With exhibitors, who previously had planned a booth in Hall 19 or reserved, Clarion events Germany is in close contact to offer at least equivalent space. In some cases we can offer even more attractive surfaces the company”, says Horst Rudolph.

Federal Highway

For better clarification of what it represents Rurpolis for Brazil and, mainly, for the region of the Tapajs, is necessary to retake some aspects of the Construction of the Transamaznica and, currently, to approach the question of the tarring of BR 230 and 163, as well as of the construction of the hydroelectric plants in the region the proposal of division of the State of Par creating the state of the Tapajs, that, in this year of 2011, is in full heat of quarrels, Rurpolis visa to be in this area of confluence. Federal highway BR 163 was constructed in years 70, however, it did not have a regular maintenance. However, the partial stretch to the South, In the State of the Mato Grosso, was tarred, however of about 800 km in Par, was finished only one small part to the North between Santarm and Rurpolis. The economic importance of the highway is decurrent of the enormous reduction of the costs of transport of the producers of soy of the Mato Grosso, what it increases its competitiveness considerably: The way for the port of Santarm in Par he is much more short of what for the port of Paranagu (PR) in the South of Brazil. If you have read about Nicholas Carr already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Because of this, the government of Fernando Enrique Cardoso promises to some times the tarring of the road. The government of Incio Luis Lula da Silva cuts the tarring of the list of priorities of investments 2003/2004, over all, to reach the waked up primary surplus with Fundo Monetrio Internacional (FMI). However in plurianual plan (PPA) 2004-2007 it appears again, whose financing would have to be carried through through public and private resources. The interviewed organizations of the civil society had not criticized the tarring in itself, therefore all the population would use to advantage better of a road connection..


They are almost opposite on the map, separated by a small portion of the Mediterranean, and offer us two very different tourism types, showing the diversity that presents Spain as a coastal tourist destination. I am referring to the island of Ibiza and la Manga of the Mar Menor. The island of Ibiza is characterised by its youth travel. Old hippie paradise, still retains the essence of those years in which was about a lifestyle worldwide. It is essential for your visit to make a car hire ibiza and scroll slowly through its coves and markets where to buy necklaces, bracelets and sesenteras t-shirts. Don’t forget to visit the salt mines that are still exploitation since the times of the Carthaginians, which called the area the white gold mine. All this combined with a night life rich and alive if this is desired, with some of the most well known and busiest of all Spain discotheques.

On the other side of the sea, on the peninsula, we have the possibility of making tourism in la Manga of the Mar Menor. This area characterized by calm waters the inland sea is perfect for planning a family tourism. We will achieve the Manga road, we can perform a car hire murcia San Javier airport or from the station of Carmen, in the murcian capital, and reaching the area. Once there we we have in a unique setting, surrounded by two seas from shallow beaches, and with the possibility of making crowd of less than one day excursions: Mazarron, Cabo de Palos or the own Cartagena. Because the Carthaginians already realized the possibilities of both coasts, and did not hesitate to establish cities on both sides of the sea. Las salinas in Ibiza, Cartago Nova in Murcia what would have happened to overcome them in the Punic Wars instead of the Romans? We will never know.

Education Church

A new vision of education based on the work of Ramon Gallegos Nava, whose vision of holistic education is a guide to expand the integral consciousness to live our spirituality, intelligence, creativity and love. Holistic education is a comprehensive strategy to restructure education in all its aspects: the nature and content of the curriculum, the role of teacher, students and school administrators, how the process of learning is focused, strategy to completely restructure the educational system, the importance of values and the nature of intelligence. Holistic education is part of a movement that has shaken different paradigms with regard to education, because 400 years ago was the vision of this dogma, with the central theme of the church, which was then the world who had the command including education. It was said that that person complied with its rules ensured that was on the right path. But like everything, this way of "educating" the Church begins to wane, when not one, but several are beginning to criticize this way of educating and emerges a scientific-mechanistic, where the church took second place because assumptions of the church were replaced by science, but unfortunately due to technological development led to a dehumanization, producing a loss within the meaning of life and natural resource depletion of our planet. Holistic Education provides creative options and sometimes completely contrary to those laid down in this, which is composed of set of common principles among which are: sustainability, responsibility, freedom, love, etc.. Holistic education aims to educate for global citizenship which is only possible if there is respect for cultural diversity, we are oriented to form the human family, an interdependent community, achieve unity through diversity. .

Randall Jimerson

It appeals to the experience accumulated in the research on users of the information. The fidget is that if it recognizes that to take care of well to the necessities of the user is basic for the existence of the services of the professionals in the units of the information. The studies of users, initiates in the decade of 1940, the librarians for the basic paper of the user despertaram. Test of its importance is the popularity that had had, to such point that CRAWFORD (1978) to say already to more than have been done a thousand of these studies, until then. Although the critical ones that these studies had suffered, despertaram the professionals of the information for the necessity not only to study the user, but to place it in the center of the concerns of the projects of libraries and systems of information. For Randall Jimerson, U.S.A., &#039 is imperious; ' to develop a clear strategical vision to improve the services ' '. For others, for example, in Canada, to become the consultation most efficient is absolutely secondary front to have bigger concern with the preservation and conservation of the deep ones of memory. E, to improve the services is necessary to know with effectiveness what the user needs and if well he was taken care of and why it was not.

Everything this, also, to improve the relationship between the attendant and the user. It fits still to designate that, the social appetite of information of the users is onvoro in ' ' fauna' ' that it is moved today in the traditional units of information, but also is insacivel between us. On the archives, in an event ' ' The archives in the Europe without fronteiras' ' works had been presented on the necessary ferocity that if must impose to the arquivsticos programs to change a Europe of the administration to a Europe of the citizens.

Construction Of The Cottage – A Bit Expensive Stages

First, you must first calculate the cost of the foundation. To do this: A need to define ttip soil B, to determine the material for the construction of the house (brick, wood, etc). Well, in line with the above points choose the appropriate type of foundation. For example, a strip foundation is suitable for homes with large estimated mass of the walls, ie brick or stone. If the soil so-called floating, it is necessary to the erection of solid foundation.

His erect a whole area of the building in the form of a monolithic concrete slab or grating. The presence or absence of a ground floor also affects the construction costs. Then you need to decide on the type of overlaps. Naturally, the maximum terms of such qualities as strength, hardness, sound insulation and fire resistance, the overlap will be the most expensive. By the way, during construction of the cottage, price ceilings 15-20% of all costs. Very, very important, what you decide to make the cottage walls. Currently, construction technologies are sufficiently developed, so the choice of material for the walls is quite wide: from the traditional Brick and ending with modern foam blocks.

Therefore, at this stage depends on the imagination of the host building, as well as the capabilities of the contractor. Roof. There is an opportunity to make insulated roof – do. This allow you to increase the living space through the cottage attic floor. All of the above, in fact, only the calculation of the actual construction phase of the cottage, and yet still need to conduct communications: water supply, sewerage, electricity and so on. More information on each item to learn more about the consultants of the construction company, which already has turned out a considerable experience in the construction of houses

Dessauer Interest

Interest payments of the Dessauer Pauly biscuit AG overdue the Dessauer biscuit manufacturer Pauly biscuit AG a loan with 5 years brought 2010 term and an interest rate of 7.5% in the volume of EUR 8 million out. Having bought the interest for 2010 still on time, investors waiting now since January 18 this year in vain on interest rates for 2011. Rumors about the company’s ability to pay are circulating on the Internet. After release of the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, the Pauly biscuit AG in an E-Mail to investors should have admitted that due to the overall economic development within the last months the company under pressure was advised and have to deal with a liquidity squeeze. There might be something off, because according to the annual report 2009 decreased revenues by approximately 26 million in 2008 to about 21 million and at the same time, the loss of 86,000 EUR rose to 425,000 EUR. Little is reassuring, that the company in January its name to 1.

Dessauer Beteiligungs AG changed its seat has moved to Herford. Finally still a Swiss investor against a commitment of Pauly biscuit AG should have decided. Because the Pauly biscuit AG with interest payments already well over 30 days in arrears, investors can cancel their bonds. While they should take legal assistance, upon the termination of some formalities are taken into account. The termination is possible however only as long as the Pauly biscuit AG not paid the interest. Therefore, investors who no longer trust the company, better hurry.